Ebola: All Hype, No Action – Why No Travel Ban?

from Sheilaaliens:

Visas of non-US citizens coming from Ebola-stricken countries should be suspended until further notice. If indeed Ebola is such a huge problem, this, at the very minimum, should be done.

And ANYONE coming from an Ebola-stricken country should have to be placed in a month-long quarantine. Simple. That way you don’t have to later quarantine entire families and airplane passengers and so forth. It simply makes sense. Yet there is still no protocol in place that does this.

Maybe because Ebola isn’t a real threat? Regardless of that, what a way to show the sheeple how truly f*cked we are in the future, should something like this happen on a real scale.

And how about those excuses from Obama and the CDC? It’s enough to make my head spin around like the exorcist.

Solar Storm 14 Times Larger Than Earth Could Unleash A Society-Crippling Electromagnetic Pulse

endoftheamericandream.com / By Michael Snyder / October 23rd, 2014

Did you know that a storm 14 times larger than the Earth is happening on the sun right now?  Earlier this week, it unleashed a flare which was a million times more powerful than all of the nuclear weapons in existence combined.  Fortunately, that flare was not directed at us.  But now the area of the sun where this solar storm is located is rotating toward Earth.  An eruption on the sun at just the right time and at just the right angle could result in a society-crippling electromagnetic pulse blasting this planet.  So if your computers, cell phones and electronic equipment get fried at some point over the next few weeks, you will know what is probably to blame.  Such an electromagnetic pulse has hit our planet before, and as you will read about below, some very prominent voices are warning that it will happen again.  It is just a matter of time.

Scientists tell us that the absolutely massive sunspot group that has recently formed on the sun is highly unusual.  NASA has described it as “crackling” with magnetic energy.  The mainstream media has not been paying too much attention to it, but this sunspot group is potentially extremely dangerous.

The following is an excerpt from an article on Discovery.com that gives some of the technical details about what has been going on…

The sunspot, a dark patch in the sun’s photosphere, represents intense solar magnetism bursting from the sun’s interior known as an active region. This particular active region, designated AR2192, has been rumbling with intense flare activity, recently exploding with 2 X-class flares, causing some short-lived high-frequency (HF) radio black outs around the globe.

Such blackouts are triggered by the intense extreme ultraviolet and X-ray radiation that solar flares can generate, causing ionization effects in the Earth’s upper atmosphere — a region known as the ionosphere. HF radio can be strongly hindered by this activity, triggering blackouts that can effect air traffic and amateur radio operators.


New Home Sales Miss, August Drastically Revised Lower

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden / 10/24/2014 10:09

Having exploded 18% higher in August (driven by, um, record high prices), September’s new home sales printed at 467k (against expectations of 470k) and August’s surge to 504k was revised lower to just 466k (busting the biggest beat since 2005 meme) revised 7.5% lower. After August’s reported 50% MoM rise in The West, the region saw the rate of sales slow in September. The median new home sales price (at record highs last month) fell 4% YoY to $259,000.


Investor Alert: How to Prepare for “Wall Street Fire Sale” Reconditioning Investors for the Fourth Turning

DRTOA – Now would be the time to sell everything and close bank accounts. Gold and Silver should be held physically and cash kept on sideline outside of banking system. When bottom drops out, great buying opportunities will emerge.

by Nick Hodge, Outsider Club:

Debt, decay, global disorder. Sound familiar?

Of course it does. You’re living it, every day.

But it’s not all bad news. In case you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a big fan of finding the silver lining amidst even the most ominous storm clouds.

So long as you don’t make the mistake of buying at the top, you can profit from crisis investing (spoiler alert: yes, the market is crashing). Indeed, we’re presently on the brink of a historic generational opportunity here.

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The BIS Paves the Way for Silver and Gold

by Dr, Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

Behind the scenes (or rather, behind the curtain of propaganda) the most influential of the banking class is sending out smoke signals. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is the bank for central banks, has telegraphed the next major world financial downturn.

As if you could not see it coming. Recently, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) warns of ‘violent’ reversal of global markets.

“Investors take zero-rates for granted and unwisely believe that central banks will protect them,” says the Capital Markets Chief of the Bank of International Settlements.

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Ebola Travel Ban, Ebola Czar Fear-Overpopulation, Financial War against Russia, Canada Terror Attack

Fearing a Future Emergency, Governors Declare a State of Emergency

by Eric Blair, Activist Post:

When most of us think of a State of Emergency, we think of isolated natural disasters like hurricanes, winter storms or a flood that passes through. In those cases it’s quite obvious when the emergency is over. But what if an emergency is declared for something that hasn’t happened yet? How will we know when it’s over?

Both Pennsylvania and Connecticut governors recently declared a State of Emergency, not because a disaster is taking place at this moment, but because bad things may happen in the future. This is an incredible development that citizens should be concerned about.

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NYC doctor tests positive for Ebola, but “there is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed”

DRTOA – Just make sure your all your bank debt payments are being made!

from The Daily Sheeple:

After nearly a week of Ebola-free headlines, it looks like it’s back.

A Doctors Without Borders physician just returned to New York City after treating patients in Guinea. He brought the deadly virus home with him. Dr. Craig Spencer, aged 33, returned to the US 10 days ago. He began to show symptoms on Wednesday, and was put in isolation at Bellevue Hospital this morning.

In a statement, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital said the doctor was “a dedicated humanitarian” who went to “an area of medical crisis to help a desperately underserved population.”

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Celente – Switzerland Is Going To Make History In Just 38 Days

from KingWorldNews:

We have been focused on the price of oil since the middle of June. There is now question that there is more supply now then there has been in a long time. The big issue is demand is way off. Commodities are down across the board. For example, in China a ton of rebar is cheaper than a ton of cabbage.

But demand for commodities has slowed down worldwide. Look at what’s going on in Europe. Now people like George Soros are saying, ‘Europe has to do more.’

And the stock market in the United States rallies every time there is a hint of halting tapering and continuing on with record low interest rates. The saying used to be, ‘So goes the United States, so goes the world.’ But now you can substitute China in place of the United States, and right now China is in a real estate slump. Real estate prices declined over 10 percent in the first half of this year in China.

Gerald Celente Continues @ KingWorldNews.com

Ebola-Infected Doctor Runs Around NYC Bowling Alleys After Telling Authorities he was ‘Self-Quarantined’

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

NY Daily News is reporting today that Dr. Craig Spencer ran around New York City “after first telling authorities he self-quarantined himself.” [1] The paper also says Dr. Spencer “hit the [bowling] lanes in Williamsburg.”

Dr. Spencer recently returned from Guinea, one of the worst-hit Ebola outbreak nations in West Africa. Today he was “rushed to a hospital with suspected Ebola symptoms” which reportedly include nausea and a 103-degree temperature. Media reports say Dr. Spencer has been in New York City for a period of 10 days, first entering the country through the JFK airport.

According to news reports, Dr. Spencer is now confirmed to have tested positive for Ebola. [4]

The bar area of one of the bowling alleys Dr. Spencer visited has now been closed, reports NY Daily News. This brings up the obvious question: was Dr. Spencer drinking alcohol? If so, was his judgment impaired?

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JP MORGAN GOLD INVENTORIES: Fall A Stunning 33% In One Day

srsroccoreport.com / October 23, 2014

As the increasingly volatile stock markets bounced back higher today,  JP Morgan experienced one of the largest withdrawals of gold from its inventories this year.  In just one day, a stunning 321,500 oz of gold (10 metric tons) were removed from JP Morgan’s Eligible inventories.


Mauldin – World Headed For Unprecedented Volatility & Chaos

kingworldnews.com / October 23, 2014

Today John Mauldin warned King World News that the world is now headed for unprecedented volatility and chaos.  Mauldin, who is President of Millennium Wave Securities, also discussed the ominous warning featured below from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

Eric King:  “John, recently you featured this chilling portion of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s commentary:

“Combined tightening by the United States and China has done its worst. Global liquidity is evaporating.

What looked liked a gentle tap on the brakes by the two monetary superpowers has proved too much for a fragile world economy, still locked in “secular stagnation”. The latest investor survey by Bank of America shows that fund managers no longer believe the European Central Bank will step into the breach with quantitative easing of its own, at least on a worthwhile scale.

Markets are suddenly prey to the disturbing thought that the five-and-a-half year expansion since the Lehman crisis may already be over, before Europe has regained its prior level of output. That is the chief reason why the price of Brent crude has crashed by 25pc since June. It is why yields on 10-year US Treasuries have fallen to 1.96pc, and why German Bunds are pricing in perma-slump at historic lows of 0.81pc this week.

We will find out soon whether or not this a replay of 1937 when the authorities drained stimulus too early, and set off the second leg of the Great Depression.”

Mauldin:  “I think we are heading into a deflationary environment.  My current thought process is that the dollar is going to get a lot stronger over coming years than anybody believes.  You can already see the potential stage being set for that. I think that time is now starting and we are going to see the dollar get much stronger….

Continue reading the John Mauldin interview below…


Stratfor: Inside the World of a Private CIA

Supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, stand with a long banner that reads “The first casualty of war is truth” outside the Supreme Court in central London on 1 February 2012 on the first day of his appeal against extradition. (Photo: AFP – Miguel Medina)

thecommonsenseshow.com / By Yazan al-Saadi / Oct 23, 2014

The leak of over five million emails from the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor, including information about credit card details, passwords, and the identities of sources, sheds new light on the rapidly changing world of intelligence gathering and exposes those behind it.Al-Akhbar gained access to the data obtained and published by WikiLeaks, including sensitive material pertaining to the Middle East.

The Strategic Forecasting Inc., commonly known as Stratfor, is a private firm dealing in the lucrative business of intelligence gathering and assessment.

Founded in 1996, the company gained global prominence during the NATO bombing of Kosovo in 1999 when its seemingly cutting-edge analysis was publicized by various news agencies. But it was the events of 9/11 and the subsequent “war on terrorism” that elevated the stature of the firm, turning it into a highly sought after informant for major Western media organizations like Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, and the BBC.

Commonly referred to as the private CIA, Stratfor claims that it gathers its intelligence through a number of publicly accessible sources, such as wire services, chat hubs, other Internet sites, and unclassified government studies, in addition to well-placed sources internationally. The agency now boasts close to 300,000 subscribers and over two million recipients of free email updates.

Until recently, much of the inner workings of Stratfor had been shrouded in mystery. But last December, members of the internet activism collective Anonymous hacked into the system during the “LulzXmas” campaign to highlight the plight of Bradley Manning, an American soldier currently incarcerated by the US government for suspicion of passing on information to WikiLeaks.

Preliminary readings of these new emails gradually shed light on how the institution is structured, the process of bringing and building up sources, and an intriguing insight into how employees interact with each other. Notably, and contrary to the impression Stratfor tries to project, the emails reveal a corporation that has organizational issues, at times shockingly uninformed, and over-dependent on certain sources in manufacturing their predictions that are highly coveted.

What is Stratfor?

Stratfor was founded over a decade ago in Austin, Texas by George Friedman, a former political science professor. Friedman is the company’s chief intelligence officer, financial overseer, and CEO.

Presenting himself as a “best selling author” on the company’s About Us page, Friedman has a history of working on matters of security and defense with the American military, as well as other institutions like the notorious RAND Corporation.

A self-proclaimed disciple of neo-conservative icons such as Leo Strauss, Friedman has routinely emphasized the “jihadist threat” of al-Qaeda. Indeed, the forecast report compiled by members of Stratfor for the decade between 2005 and 2015 is mainly concerned with the prominence of the United States as a global hegemonic power and its conflict with al-Qaeda