After Delta Reroutes Flight Into Israel, 5 Other Airlines Suspend Flights To Tel Aviv On Missile Worries / by Tyler Durden on 07/22/2014 12:26


About two hours ago, and in the aftermath of the public outcry regarding flights in conflict zones, first Delta then most other major international carriers announced they would suspend flights to Israel “until further notice” amid concerns that a rocket landed near Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. The list of confirmed airlines that have halted such flights is shown below.

  • US Airways also said it has canceled two flights to and from Tel Aviv from Philadelphia.
  • United Airlines canceled two flights from Newark to Tel Aviv, according to
  • American Airlines told NBC News that it is meeting to discuss the situation.
  • Lufthansa said there are no changes to its Tel Aviv flight schedules for now.
  • British Airways said it continued to operate as normal but is monitoring the situation.
  • KLM said it was meeting to discuss the issue.


White Flags Mysteriously Appear on Brooklyn Bridge / Lily Dane / July 22nd, 2014

Something strange is afoot in NY this morning…

The two American flags that normally fly over the Brooklyn Bridge were somehow replaced by white flags.

CBS News reported that “a hint of stars and strips can be seen on the white flags,” and the NY Post said that emergency services cops lowered the flags and packed them up with what appeared to be painting supplies.

As of now, no one knows who placed them there – or how they were able to breach security, scale the bridge, and place the flags unnoticed.

A plain white flag is an internationally recognized symbol of surrender or truce, as explained by WorldFlags101:


U.S. Officials: The Missile May Have Been Launched By a “Defector from The Ukrainian Military Who Was Trained To Use Similar Missile Systems” /  

Rampant Speculation … Few Facts

U.S. officials said earlier today that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was probably shot down by mistake … and there was no proof that Russia was directly involved.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.

In other words – despite the incessant beat of the war drums and false claims – the U.S. has no real evidence that Russia is responsible.


What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 / by ron paul / July 20, 2014

Just days after the tragic crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine, Western politicians and media joined together to gain the maximum propaganda value from the disaster. It had to be Russia; it had to be Putin, they said. President Obama held a press conference to claim – even before an investigation – that it was pro-Russian rebels in the region who were responsible. His ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, did the same at the UN Security Council – just one day after the crash!
While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report.
They will not report that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported protesters plotted the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Without US-sponsored “regime change,” it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened. 
The media has reported that the plane must have been shot down by Russian forces or Russian-backed separatists, because the missile that reportedly brought down the plane was Russian made. But they will not report that the Ukrainian government also uses the exact same Russian-made weapons.


Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity / by Tyler Durden on 07/21/2014 09:45

Ukraine hasn’t said how it immediately knew rebels downed Malaysian plane, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry, as it unveils 10 awkward questions for Ukraine (and perhaps the US ‘snap judgment’) to answer about the MH17 disaster. However, what is perhaps more concerning for the hordes of finger-pointers is that:


Obviously, if there is proof that this is so, aside from CIA-created YouTube clips, these would deal another unpleasant blow to US foreign policy.

The Russian defense ministry during its press conference which concluded minutes ago:


California couple faces government threats because lawn is not green enough


Michael Korte with his wife Laura Whitney pose in front of their home. Their lawn has made them the target of local code enforcers. (Source: Keith Birmingham/Pasadena Star-News) / by Site Staff in News / July 20, 2014

GLENDORA, CA — Local code enforcers are threatening a married couple with fines and criminal action because their lawn is not green enough.

City regulators told Laura Whitney-Korte and her husband Michael Korte in a letter that their brown lawn could be a “potential public nuisance problem” and did not fit with the city’s “Pride of the Foothills” image. The letter said that if they didn’t make their privately-owned lawn green that they could face 100-$500 in fines and possible criminal prosecution.

The irony is that the couple thought they were being good citizens by obeying California Governor Jerry Brown’s call to reduce residential water consumption. The state has experienced three years of low rainfall and the governor asked that citizens attempt to use 20% less water.


Russia Adds 500,000 Ounces Of Gold Reserves In June 2014 / Taki Tsaklanos / July 21, 2014

Based on the latest update of the Russian central bank, it appears that Russia has added another 500,000 ounces of physical gold to their reserves. Total Russian gold reserves now stand at 35,200,000 ounces, which equals 921,35 tonnes. Russia is among the top 8 countries based on the officially reported gold reserves. The following chart, courtesy Sharelynx, shows the increase of Russian gold reserves over the last 8 years. 


Doctor Discusses Truth About Glyphosate and Chronic Kidney Disease

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Monsanto’s favorite agro-chemical is causing chronic kidney failure in countries throughout the world. While the biotech giant has tried to keep this information from spreading into public awareness, like their chemicals that leach into the soil and taint our food, the truth cannot be stopped. Dr. Jeff Ritterman explains just how injurious Roundup Ready chemicals and glyphosate truly are.

While a high court in France has accused Monsanto of falsely representing RoundUp in the past, stating Monsanto falsely advertised its herbicide as “biodegradable” and claimed it “left the soil clean,” doctors and scientists are finding far different results. The chemical is causing an epidemic that is becoming hard to ignore. Dr. Jeff Ritterman is the VP on the board of directors for Physicians for Social Responsibility and a retired chief of cardiology, and one individual who is helping to inform people of the dangers linking this herbicide to chronic kidney disease.

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Double standard: 298 killed on MH17 while media ignores 478 killed in Eastern Ukraine by regime

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

The establishment media has virtually ignored the carnage in eastern Ukraine while it focuses on the alleged shoot down of NM17.


Vladimir Putin is widely condemned while the indiscriminate killings and ethnic cleansing of the Ukraine Security Service and military are left unmentioned.

Since the regime’s crackdown on “terrorists,” in other words separatists in the eastern part of the country opposed to rule imposed by the Kyiv regime, nearly 500 hundred civilians have died, including seven children. 1,392 civilians have been wounded. 279 remain in the hospital.

The body count is verified by the regime’s own Ministry of Health.

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KIEV’S MH17 FALSE FLAG EXPOSED: Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity


from Zero Hedge:

Ukraine hasn’t said how it immediately knew rebels downed Malaysian plane, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry, as it unveils 10 awkward questions for Ukraine (and perhaps the US ‘snap judgment’) to answer about the MH17 disaster. However, what is perhaps more concerning for the hordes of finger-pointers is that:


Obviously, if there is proof that this is so, aside from CIA-created YouTube clips, these would deal another unpleasant blow to US foreign policy.

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MH17 – Another Fabricated Diversion of the Worst Sort

By Zen Gardner, ZenGardner:

It’s hard to watch the news pouring out about this latest obviously staged airliner hoax. The essence once again, as was the last lost Malaysian flight, is diversion and misdirection. This time from the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. What are we hearing about the brutal incursion into Gaza by the massive, vicious Israeli army intent on bulldozing those innocent residents into the sea? Almost nothing.

The US anti Russia rhetoric is another smokescreen. All of this is to gin up anger, hatred and most of all get your mind off what’s really going down.

What does the magician do? Draw your attention to one hand while the other is busy preparing the next trick. That these airliner tragedies are intertwined events is no mere coincidence. Already reports are coming in that the passengers were dead long before the crash, never mind that there was a duplicate Malaysian airliner in a Tel Aviv hangar all along, that jet fighters were tailing the plane, or that the MH17 commercial route resumed routinely following the incident. One easily wonders if that original flight was even out of Schiphol airport, which by the way doesn’t normally fly over Ukraine.

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U.S. Government Lied to Pretend that Accidental Russian Shootdown of Commercial Plane Was Intentional … Three Decades Ago / July 19, 2014

The U.S. Has Previously Carried Out a Major Disinformation Campaign to Malign Russia

We noted yesterday that Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., Israel and China have all accidentally shot down commercial airplanes.

Ray McGovern – a 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their vice presidents, secretaries of state, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials – provides vital details on an accidental shootdown by Russia – and America’s disinformation campaign to make it look intentional – 3 decades ago:

The U.S. press might pause to recall how it’s been manipulated by the U.S. government in the past, including three decades ago by the Reagan administration twisting the facts of the KAL-007 tragedy.

In that case, a Soviet fighter jet shot down a Korean Air Line plane on Sept. 1, 1983, after it strayed hundreds of miles off course and penetrated some of the Soviet Union’s most sensitive airspace over military facilities in Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island.

Over Sakhalin, KAL-007 was finally intercepted by a Soviet Sukhoi-15 fighter. The Soviet pilot tried to signal the plane to land, but the KAL pilots did not respond to the repeated warnings. Amid confusion about the plane’s identity — a U.S. spy plane had been in the vicinity hours earlier — Soviet ground control ordered the pilot to fire. He did, blasting the plane out of the sky and killing all 269 people on board.

The Soviets soon realized they had made a horrendous mistake. U.S. intelligence also knew from sensitive intercepts that the tragedy had resulted from a blunder, not from a willful act of murder ….


The Airlift of Illegals: Importing Poverty Into the U.S. / Pat Henry, The Prepper Journal / July 19th, 2014

The crisis on the border has stretched on for weeks now and shows no sign of stopping. Our representatives intend to use this issue as a political football in the upcoming elections and as usual, in their strategy of posturing and deflecting blame which only seems to be focused on protecting their power, it is the American people who will suffer the consequences of their inaction. On the left side we see welcome arms from politicians posturing on the border with, lollipops and clean underwear for the thousands of illegal immigrants with  free travel further into the US and calls of racism toward anyone who complains of this flood of children, gang members and single mothers daily into our country. The right side talks of sending troops to the border, impeachment hearings, lawsuits and committees that never do anything. As far as the American people are concerned, both sides in this political theater we call government are proving once again, that it isn’t you who they are concerned about, it is only themselves. While we watch from the sidelines as our country is heading even faster down a dangerous path hell-bent on its own destruction. 


What Recovery? US Macro Suffers Longest Streak Of Weakness Since Lehman / by Tyler Durden on 07/19/2014 19:45

Despite the best efforts of The Fed, its apologists, and the commission-taking talking-heads to persuade the world that the US economy is picking up and set to reach escape velocity any minute… the fact is, the US economy (judged on data not fantasy) is hurting. Consensus expectations for 2014 US GDP growth have collapsed from over 3.00% to a mere 1.7% now. But what is more critical is the incessant bleating that data is picking up and suggests a 2nd half recovery… it doesn’t. US Macro surprise data has been negative for over 21 weeks… the longest such spell of disappointment since Lehman.

 US GDP expectations are collapsing (and this is ‘pricing in’ a H2 recovery bounce)…


MH17: World See Tragedy, US Sees “Game Changer”

DRTOA – As the US dollar continues its collapse we will witness more false flag events such as this.

by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post:

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made a series of baseless, contradictory accusations aimed at politically exploiting the tragic loss of Malaysia Boeing 777 flight MH17 with nearly 300 civilians on board.

Power asserted that the most likely culprits behind the downing of MH17 were eastern Ukrainian separatists. Because of the high altitude MH17 was traveling at – approximately 33,000 feet – Power conceded that the weapons separatists have been using to down Ukrainian military aircraft would have been inadequate to down MH17. After claiming separatists had “bragged” about downing the airliner based on information from “social media,” she explained that Russia most likely assisted the separatists in operating the sophisticated anti-air missile systems required to reach MH17′s altitude.

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A MUST READ ARTICLE (& THEORY) — ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL: MH17 Hauled Gruesome Cargo, Infected Corpses & Tainted Blood – World War Z is Upon Us

[Ed. Note: Before dismissing this article (& resulting theory) too quickly, we suggest reading our November, 2011 article The Real Life CONTAGION Will Be Premeditated And By Design]

The blatant violation of international laws for transporting infectious agents indicates a criminal intent in their use at destination… Drained of blood and reeking from decay, the corpses can be nothing other than carriers of an infectious disease.

by Yoichi Shimatsu, Rense:

In these still early hours following the mystery crash of MH17, one must dare to think the unthinkable. An investigator goes to where the evidence leads, and the evidence so far from the crash site indicates a hellish scenario beyond imagining.

Besides the nearly 300 passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines, the plane’s cargo bay was loaded with dozens of infected corpses drained of their blood and countless packets of possibly virus-contaminated blood serum, according to the local eyewitnesses, first-arrivers at the crash site in the Donetsk region along Ukraine-Russia borderlands.

The gruesome finding points irrefutably to Malthusian skulduggery at the highest levels of the World Health Organization (WHO) in sponsoring a covert biological warfare program against the population of Asia. A systematic investigation is now required to uncover the deadliest plot against humanity in modern history

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