Wednesday I had the privilege again to interview Alex Stanczyk, Chief Market Strategist for the Anglo Far- East group of companies, who just returned from a trip to Switzerland. Alex confirmed to me the distribution of gold from west to east is not slowing down whatsoever. Refineries in Switzerland are still working 24 hour a day to cast bars for China, sometimes having difficulties sourcing the gold..

What was the purpose of your trip to Switzerland?

The purpose was two fold. We go to Switzerland once a year as part of our governance, we’re required to have an annual inspection of the gold, that was the main purpose of the trip. But in addition to that we also liked to talk to the refineries. It was myself, it was the managing director of Anglo Far-East mister Philip Judge, and Jim Rickards went with us, he sits on our advisory board.

We met with the managing director of the largest refinery in Switzerland and spend about two hours talking to him, we learned some very interesting things. Whats going on in the gold market as far as the price, is I think very counter intuitive. Everybody understands, knows and believes the price should be higher than it is, but it isn’t. There’s confusion in the marketplace, and there are two reactions; the reaction in the west is fear, confusion and uncertainty; the reaction in the east is buying. Now, this gentleman we were talking to probably has a better idea of physical gold flow than anybody else globally. He sees what is coming from the mines, he sees what is coming from the UK, and all over the world, as well as where its going. He indicated the price didn’t make sense because he has got so much fabrication demand. They put on three shifts, they’re working 24 hours a day, and originally he thought that would wind down at some point. Well, they’ve been doing it all year. Every time he thinks its going to slow down, he gets more orders, more orders, more orders. They have expanded the plant to where it almost doubles their capacity. 70 % of their kilobar fabrication is going to China, at apace of 10 tons a week. That’s from one refinery, now remember there are 4 of these big ones [refineries] in Switzerland. 



JP Morgan Stood ‘At the Very Center of Madoff’s Fraud for Over 20 Years’ / BY JESSE / 13 DECEMBER 2013

I am posting this to make sure we all know that JP Morgan is no passive bank, that occasionally becomes involved with financial criminals like Madoff or the MF Global crowd.

The criminal charges are likely to be a ‘deferred prosecution’ which means that while JPM may admit to wrongdoing, unusual in the vast majority of settlements for financial crimes, there will in fact be no prosecution or revelations in court.

This is why the ‘stimulus’ of the Keynesians will not work. They have skipped the critical step in the FDR framework of reforming the financial system, or at least making a serious intent to do so. As it is, Dodd-Frank turned out to be the terms of surrender of the republic which Wall Street dictated to its servants in the government.

The tragedy of our day may have been the financialisation of the Democratic party and the evisceration of the progressive movement, which helped to remove the last remaining significant political serving the people as a counterbalance to those elements of society which have become the servile mouthpiece for Big Business and Big Money, no matter what ideological disguises or social niceties which they may wish to put upon their intentions.



Iceland / December 10, 2013

Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that.  Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.

An “iReport” on CNN, written by a private citizen in May 2012, has questioned the reasons why this revolution has not been widely covered in the U.S., suggesting that perhaps the mainstream media is controlled by large corporate interests and thus has been unwilling to report on Iceland’s activities. That report is currently making its way around social media. CNN today placed a statement on its website saying: “We’ve noticed this iReport is being shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that this article was posted in May 2012. CNN has not yet verified the claims and we’re working to track down the original writer.” It is interesting to note that CNN’s European version, CNN Europe, already covered the story of the protests and the government’s resignation, leading many to question why CNN would now need to “look into” the claims.

Besides CNN Europe’s own coverage of the scandal, the events in Iceland were widely covered by international media and are easily verified by a simple search on Google which leads to a variety of reputable international news sources that ran numerous stories on the Icelandic revolution. A whole documentary has been made on the governmental overthrow called Pots, Pans and Other Solutions, and now, the conversation is focused on whether or not the citizens’ actions actually worked to make Iceland a more equitable nation.


State Goes After BB Guns: “Young kids can get a felony charge and their lives are basically over”

red-rider-bb-gun2 / By Kimberly Paxton / December 13th, 2013

In New Jersey, an unregistered BB gun could mean jail time.

That’s right…a BB gun. That iconic, much-desired gift from the movie, A Christmas Story. Apparently the government is just as deeply concerned about the potential of someone putting an eye out with a BB gun as Ralphie’s mother was. They are so concerned that if you don’t register your air gun, pellet gun, or BB gun, you could go directly to jail. Do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Two Injured In Colorado School Shooting, “Active Shooter” On Scene – Live Webcast / by Tyler Durden on 12/13/2013 15:18 -0500

Another day, another school shooting. In a flashback to the Columbine tragedy, moments ago news broke that there were two people injured during an incident at Arapahoe High School in the 2200 block of East Dry Creek Road in Centennial, Colorado. According to Colorado’s 9newsPolice are calling it an “active shooter situation.” No one is in custody at this time. The identity of the victims is not being released at this time. Arapahoe High School is a part of Littleton Public Schools. There are 70 different classrooms in the high school which covers a 254,000-square-foot area. There are 2,229 students that attend the high school. The school was built in 1964.


42% Of Americans Know What Bitcoin Is / by Tyler Durden on 12/13/2013 15:34 -0500

While 6% believe Bitcoin is an “Xbox game”, we are impressed that 42% of Americans polled by Bloomberg know what the virtual currency is. Furthermore, 55% believe it is “not better” that Bitcoin be regulated


Diabetic Woman is Denied Insulin, Dies in Jail

insulin shot / Lily Dane / December 13th, 2013

A 37-year-old diabetic woman died in a Texas jail after she was denied insulin.

Sarah Tibbetts was no stranger to the jail administration – she’d been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and drug charges in the past. The jail staff knew she was an insulin-dependent diabetic.

This time, Sarah and her boyfriend were arrested at a hotel in Irving. The license plate of the car they were in came back as belonging to a missing person. The arrest warrant affidavit says that officers searched Sarah’s belongings and found clear baggies, marijuana residue in her purse, and a Wells Fargo Visa debit card in Sarah’s purse with someone else’s name on it.

Fox DFW reported that Rebecca Tibbetts, Sarah’s mother, received a call from an officer asking her to bring insulin to the jail the day after her daughter was arrested. Rebecca lives in California and said she wouldn’t be able to bring the insulin:

“I said, ‘I live in California; she’s in Texas. There’s no way I can bring up insulin.’ Asked me if I knew of anybody who could get it up there. I said, ‘No, I don’t,’ but I told them at that time she was an insulin-dependent diabetic and she needed her insulin or she would die without it.”


Police Say Teen Shot Self in Head…While Handcuffed Behind Back

Police say teen shot self in head -- while hands <em>cuffed behind back</em> / Michael Krieger / December 13, 2013

Only in a nation of brain-dead sheep could police departments be getting away with such nonsense. Remember the forced anal probes that recently happened in New Mexico in an attempt to find non-existent drugs? You have to read this to believe it. Anyone got a borrow on The Onion? Permanent short.

From Salon:

A strange phenomenon has been occurring in police custody around the U.S., which seems to defy both the laws of physics and the limits of human physiology. Young people of color, handcuffed with their hands bound behind their backs, are able to shoot themselves in the head. For the critical observer, belief is beggared.


Landowner Losing $36 Million Because the Government Wants to Protect…Frogs

gopher_frog / Lily Dane / December 13th, 2013

Cute little fella, isn’t he?

That’s a Dusky Gopher Frog. In 2012, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature listed the species as one of the top 100 most endangered in the world. Also known as the Mississippi gopher frog, the amphibian was historically found across parts of southwest Alabama, southern Mississippi and southeast Louisiana.

Currently, the entire population of these frogs is estimated to be around 250, and they live in only three ponds, all in south Mississippi: Glen’s Pond, Mike’s Pond and McCoy’s Pond.

The government wants to protect the species – and is willing (and able) to prevent landowners from developing land that might be hospitable to the frogs.

Edward Poitevent owns land north of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. He wants to build offices and homes on the land, and could provide safe high-ground housing to people who would like to move away from areas that were flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

He can’t move forward with his development plans, though, because the government decided 1,500 acres of his property should become a preservation area for the frogs.


How to Nullify the NSA (and every other tyrannical government agency)


Hardly a week goes by that we aren’t faced with some new outrageous piece of legislation from the increasingly tyrannical government. But once these bills have been passed, what can we actually do about them? What if stopping this legislation was as simple as saying “no”? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the nullification solution, a long-repressed piece of political history that offers us a way out.

Russia’s Largest Bank Proposes Bitcoin Alternative

from ZeroHedge:

  Hot on the heels of JPMorgan’s “web cash” developments in the virtual currency arena, the CEO of Russia largest bank – Sberbank – appears to be looking for alternatives…


When  a pseudonymous ‘Japanese’ coder creates a crypto-currency that gains  acceptance among thousands of vendors, it’s dismissed by the  powers-that-be and called a ponzi scheme by the MSM. One wonders what  happens when the largest banks of the US and Russia sanction the  ‘idea’ of a decentralized, unregulated, ‘money’ transfer system.

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Economy Is Collapsing, War Is coming, Beware Of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing


X22Report, Published on Dec 12, 2013

The people of the UK are now forced to live in shipping containers from China because homes and rentals are to expensive. Europe approves bail-ins, they could happen any day. The central bankers/US government are maneuvering into Iran trying to take over the central bank and put their natural resources back on the US dollar as the reserve currency. Pentagon orders plan for war with China. The central bankers/US government are still backing the rebels and a false flag is inevitable.

How the Paper Money Experiment Will End / by Philipp Bagus / Friday, December 13, 2013

A paper currency system contains the seeds of its own destruction. The temptation for the monopolist money producer to increase the money supply is almost irresistible. In such a system with a constantly increasing money supply and, as a consequence, constantly increasing prices, it does not make much sense to save in cash to purchase assets later. A better strategy, given this senario, is to go into debt to purchase assets and pay back the debts later with a devalued currency. Moreover, it makes sense to purchase assets that can later be pledged as collateral to obtain further bank loans. A paper money system leads to excessive debt.

This is especially true of players that can expect that they will be bailed out with newly produced money such as big businesses, banks, and the government.

We are now in a situation that looks like a dead end for the paper money system. After the last cycle, governments have bailed out malinvestments in the private sector and boosted their public welfare spending. Deficits and debts skyrocketed. Central banks printed money to buy public debts (or accept them as collateral in loans to the banking system) in unprecedented amounts. Interest rates were cut close to zero. Deficits remain large. No substantial real growth is in sight. At the same time banking system and other financial players sit on large piles of public debt. A public default would immediately trigger the bankruptcy of the banking sector. Raising interest rates to more realistic levels or selling the assets purchased by the central bank would put into jeopardy the solvency of the banking sector, highly indebted companies, and the government. It looks like even the slowing down of money printing (now called “QE tapering”) could trigger a bankruptcy spiral. A drastic reduction of government spending and deficits does not seem very likely either, given the incentives for politicians in democracies.


Embrace the Suck, Japan and China War, Ukraine Protesters, US Will Have A Detroit Moment and More


Greg Hunter, Published on Dec 12, 2013

– There are little spending cuts and little in tax increases in the latest budget deal in Congress. There is something in it for everyone to hate. The Tea Party did not get any meaningful spending cuts, and the liberal Democrats didn’t get much in the way of tax increases. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi told Democrats, “Embrace the suck.” Protests are raging in the Ukraine over trade agreements with the EU and Russia. The leaders want to move closer to Russia, and the people want to move closer to the EU. Even though the stock market is at or near all-time highs, profits have peeked. Ninety percent of companies are warning of weaker than expected earnings. This pre-announcement season, according to USA Today, is “shaping up to be the most negative on record.” Join Greg Hunter of as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.