Japan Doctor: “Completely beyond comprehension” how huge the contamination of ocean water will be — Fukushima radioactive material poured in landfills to enter sea — It’s spreading over whole world (VIDEO)

Dr. Ken Nakayama, surgeon and member of Japan government’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team that worked rescue operations in the Fukushima exclusion zone soon after 3/11 (at 5:30 in):

Roughly 5 billion pounds of debris are estimated to have been generated by the tsunami. What the Japanese government proposes to do is burn that if possible, and if it’s not possible to burn it, then to use it as landfill. […]

It appears the Japanese government is attempting to recapitulate (repeat the principal phases of) the Fukushima Daiichi accident […]

That released material, radioactive material, then diffuses over the whole Earth. They’re then attempting to pour the fly ash (the results from the combustion) into the landfills, which will lead to a huge contamination of ocean water completely beyond comprehension. So the result of this contamination is not restricted to Japan, not limited to Japan, it’s spreading over the whole world. […]

Because the scale of the spread of the nuclear disaster is worldwide, we need to address it in a worldwide way.

Watch Dr. Nakayama’s presentation here


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