OBAMA-backed jihadists hang victims on crosses in Syria

from Pamella Geller:

This is what Obama refers to as “moderate” al-qaeda. Perhaps because they didn’t tear the hearts of their victims out and eat them, like the less moderate Muslims do. No comment from the “articulate” savage in the White House. But he’s arming these barbarians.

On a side note, it took long enough, but it is good to see FOX use the word “jihadists.”

“Al Qaeda-linked jihadists accused of hanging victims on crosses,” FOX News (thanks to Christian)

Qaeda-backed jihadists are hanging the bodies of executed enemies on crosses crucifixion-style in a town in Northern Syria, according to a Syrian opposition group.

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Buffalo Police Brutality 4/24/2014


Cop Block of WNY, Published on Apr 26, 2014

On 24 April 2014, this video was uploaded in 2 parts on Facebook showing Buffalo Police using excessive force while apprehending 23 year old John Willet of Buffalo outside a store in the area of Ontario and Philadelphia Streets. It all started on the night of April 19th, when Willet was driving, he noticed a car was following him. Fearing that it may be someone meaning to do him harm, he sped away. The car following him turned out to be undercover police car, which pursued Willet to Ontario and Philadelphia Streets. Willet parked his vehicle, got out and ran across the street where he willingly surrendered. Willet reported that he stood there with his hands in the air when an officer punched him and threw him down to the ground. Shortly after that is where the video begins, you can see that officers kneed and punched Willet while trying to apprehend him. Towards the end, you can see an officer kicking and punching Willet while he was handcuffed and laying face down, pleading for them to stop. Willet was charged with resisting arrest and minor drug possession charges. This video has been sent to Buffalo Police and Mayor Byron Brown. Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda ordered an internal affairs investigation into the incident and all the police officers involved have been suspended for the duration of the investigation. Commissioner Derenda and Mayor Brown both said that they will not tolerate any misconduct or criminal activities involving police officers. We are currently waiting for the result of the internal investigation. Thank you to everyone who shared and spread this video around, it has received the attention of both the local media and some national attention.

Bank manager, 27, washes up dead in Hoboken harbor a month after he went missing while training for a half-marathon

dailymail.co.uk / By Snejana Farberov / Published: 11:50 EST, 30 April 2014 | Updated: 13:06 EST, 30 April 2014

The body of a man that was pulled from the Hudson River Monday has been identified as that of a 27-year-old jogger from New Jersey who went missing March 30.

The New Jersey Regional Medical Examiner’s Office identified the remains Tuesday night as Andrew Jarzyk, of Hoboken, thanks to the forensic analysts of the victim’s teeth and personal identifiers like tattoos.

The exact cause and manner of death have yet to be determined, but officials say Jarzky’s body showed no signs of trauma to suggest foul play.

Jarzyk was discovered floating in the water near the historic Erie Lockawanna Train Terminal just after 5.30pm Monday.

The New York City Police Department’s Habror Unit responded to the scene and pulled the body out of the river.

Jazryk’s family issued a statement on a Facebook page last night confirming the tragic discovery and saying that their loved one’s death remains a mystery.

‘At this time we do not have answers into why Andrew’s life ended at such a young age. Please be accepting to the fact we may never have these answers,’ his brother Steve Jarzyk wrote.

Andrew Jarzyk, a manager at The PNC Financial Services Group in Woodland Park, was last seen alive at around 2am on March 30 outside his Hoboken apartment dressed in his running gear.


EPA proposing biggest land grab in the history of the world, wants control over everything

naturalnews.com / by: J. D. Heyes / April 29, 2014

(NaturalNews) Food freedom begins with land freedom, because if you have no control over your own property, you have no real control over what you can use it for, including growing your own organic foods.

And if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gets its way, what property rights you still have may vanish forever.

In a move that some lawmakers have called “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” the EPA is moving to commandeer jurisdiction over all public and private streams in the U.S. that are “intermittent, seasonal and rain-dependent,” according to Alana Cook at WorldNetDaily.

In fact, she writes, the EPA — along with the Army Corps of Engineers — in late March released a joint proposed rule titled “Waters of the United States” in a bid to clarify just which streams and wetlands are protected under the federal Clean Water Act. A statement issued by the EPA said that “the proposed rule will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act” — whatever that means.

Some lawmakers are shaking their heads.


High Frequency Trading Is Not Like a First Class Airline Ticket – Unless You Have Also Hijacked the Plane and Robbed the Passengers in Coach

by Pam Martens, Wall Street on Parade:

Mary Jo White, the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, will appear before the House Financial Services Committee this morning at 10 a.m. to boast about the past year’s accomplishments at the SEC and possibly handle a few queries about the growing public perception that stock markets are rigged. 

White’s appearance before a Congressional panel comes at a time when the SEC is undergoing a serious discrediting of its oversight of Wall Street. Earlier this month, James Kidney, an SEC trial attorney who retired at the end of March, unleashed a firestorm of negative attention on morale inside the SEC. In a March 27 retirement speech, Kidney criticized upper management for policing “the broken windows on the street level” while ignoring the “penthouse floors.” Kidney blamed the demoralization at the agency on its revolving door to Wall Street as the best and brightest “see no place to go in the agency and eventually decide they are just going to get their own ticket to a law firm or corporate job punched.” (Retirement Remarks of SEC Attorney, James Kidney (Full Text).) 

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John Kerry Meets With His NWO Masters at Rockefeller-Brzezinski Founded Trilateral Commission: Claims The U.S. Taped Moscow “Plotting Chaos”

from Yahoo News:

The United States has proof that the Russian government in Moscow is running a network of spies inside Eastern Ukraine because the U.S. government has recordings of their conversations, Secretary of State John Kerry said in a closed-door meeting Friday.

“Intel is producing taped conversations of intelligence operatives taking their orders from Moscow and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, in the idioms, in the language. We know exactly who’s giving those orders, we know where they are coming from,” Kerry said at a private meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington. A recording of Kerry’s remarks was obtained by The Daily Beast.

Kerry didn’t name specific Russian officials implicated in the recordings. But he claimed that the intercepts provided proof of the Russians deliberately fomenting unrest in Eastern Ukraine—and lying about it to U.S. officials and the public.

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Welcome to the Multi-Year “Recovery”… The REAL Unemployment Rate: 20% of American Families Have NO ONE Working

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

According to shocking new numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working.  So when someone tries to tell you that the unemployment rate in the United States is about 7 percent, you should just laugh.  One-fifth of the families in the entire country do not have a single member with a job.  That is absolutely astonishing.  How can a family survive if nobody is making any money?  Well, the answer to that question is actually quite easy.  There is a reason why government dependence has reached epidemic levels in the United States.  Without enough jobs, tens of millions of additional Americans have been forced to reach out to the government for help.  At this point, if you can believe it, the number of Americans getting money or benefits from the federal government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million.

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NY Times in Fukushima: “It’s all lies” from gov’t about radiation — They are forcing us to come back and live 10 miles from leaking nuclear plant — “This is inhumane” — “I want to run away, but… we have no more money” — Radiation still 300% previous levels

New York Times, Apr. 27, 2014: Ever since they were forced to evacuate during […] Kim Eunja and her husband have refused to return […] for fear of radiation. But now they say they may have no choice. […] government and national news media have trumpeted the reopening of Miyakoji as a happy milestone […] many residents tell a darker story. […] [Fukushima Daiichi] is still leaking radiation […] The government has declared that the stipends […] will end next March, when temporary housing will also begin to be closed. Villagers who move back before then will receive a $9,000 bonus from Tepco […] Experts […] say the evacuees will feel increasing pressure to go back from a government that wants […] to limit criticism of the powerful nuclear industry. […] Tepco refused to comment, beyond saying that it had so far paid out $36 billion […] the government says that Miyakoji is safe. […] On a recent trip here, radiation measured up to 0.23 microsieverts per hour, about three times preaccident levels […] Experts admit that they know little about the health effects of long-term exposure to low-dose radiation.***

Yukei Tomitsuka, mayor of Tamura (administers Miyakoji): “Tepco is being so stupidly unfair […] We are the victims. Should we have to go hat in hand to Tepco to ask for more money?”

Teruhisa Maruyama, lawyer, Support Group for Victims of the Nuclear Accident: “This’s inhumane and irresponsible […] The national government knows that full compensation could add up to big money, enough to raise public doubts about the wisdom of using nuclear power in Japan.”

Kim Eunja, operator of area restaurant: “The government and the media say the radiation has been cleaned up, but it’s all lies […] I want to run away, but I cannot. We have no more money.”

Satoshi Mizuochi, who helps his wife Kim at restaurant: “They want to say that everything is back to normal so they can keep their nuclear plants […] Failing to compensate us for our losses is a way of pressuring us to go back.”

Yoshikuni Munakata, retired Daiichi worker: “Compensation payments force us to come back.”

***The Times repeats the often heard statement that experts “know little about the health effects of long-term exposure to low-dose radiation”. Yet, independent experts say otherwise:

John Kerry backs away from Israel ‘apartheid’ comment after he is hit by furious backlash – but he doesn’t apologise

dailymail.co.uk / By Associated Press / 02:44 GMT, 29 April 2014 

John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, has said he chose the wrong word in describing Israel’s potential future after being criticized for saying the Jewish state could become an ‘apartheid state’ if it does not reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

In a statement released yesterday by the State Department, Kerry lashed out against ‘partisan political’ attacks against him, but acknowledged his comments last week to a closed international forum could have been misinterpreted.

He pointedly did not apologize for the remarks, but stressed he was, and is, a strong supporter of Israel, which he called a ‘vibrant democracy.’

He said his remarks were only an expression of his firm belief that a two-state resolution is the only viable way to end the long-running conflict. And, he stressed, he does not believe Israel is, or is definitely on track to become, an ‘apartheid state.’


Obama’s NSA Refuses FOIA Request on Malaysia Flight 370 on Grounds of ‘Classified Info’

thedailysheeple.com / By Dr. Eowyn via Fellowship of the Minds / April 28th, 2014 

It is now one month 18 days since Malaysia Airlines flight 370, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, disappeared.

Repeated searches in the south Indian Ocean 2,000 miles southwest from Perth, Australia have found nothing. Speculations abound as to what really happened to MH 370, from the plausible to the bizarre, including:

All along, I’ve maintained that, given U.S. satellites and the National Security Administration’s (NSA) massive surveillance capabilities, the Obama administration knows precisely what had happened to MH 370, but is not telling. Notice that at no time has the White House offered its radar and satellite tracking information to help in the search.