The United States Of Secrets (Part 2)

Video / by Tyler Durden on 05/31/2014 17:50

On the heels of this week’s mainstream US media interview with Edward Snowden, it appears the general public is growing increasingly aware of the US surveillance leviathan’s reach. In the following (part 2 of a 2-part series, part 1 here), PBS’ FrontLine reveals the dramatic inside story of how the U.S. government came to monitor and collect the communications of millions of people around the world – and the lengths they went to trying to hide the massive surveillance program from the public. From 9/11 to Edward Snowden and on to NSA reform – what must be done… a must-watch for all US citizens (if they can spare some time away from Americas Got Talent or Instagram).

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You are too broke to own a home in America!


The typical American household making $50,000 a year cannot afford to purchase the typical $200,000 median priced home without straining their budget.


People continue to scratch their heads as to why regular home buyers in America are unable to enter the housing market. Prices are up but this is mostly because of investor money that is obsessed with chasing yield in a low yield environment orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. The reason home sales figures continue to be weak sans investors is that U.S. households are too broke! We now hear people moaning and complaining that lending standards are too tough because they actually have to document their income and put some skin in the game. Unfortunately, most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are using access to debt to live in denial that their standard of living is truly declining. The latest sales figures show that the median priced home in the U.S. is selling for $201,000. This is too high for a household making $50,000 a year (the typical American family). Since the recent increase in prices was largely driven by a voracious demand from investors, regular home buyers are wondering why they are unable to partake in the American Dream of owning a home. First of all, the big American Dream was having a strong and healthy middle class which is quickly shrinking. The reason homeownership is falling in America is that current home values put real estate out of reach for most Americans unless they go into massive levels of debt. Many are too broke to own a home!

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The Party Is Heading Ton The USA … FUN !!!!!

Official in Fukushima: “Please Please HELP US!” — Hot particles of melted fuel are inhaled by children everyday — We are forced to have it in our bodies — “Please let all people in the world know the life we are living”


Japan Scientist: We gave butterflies food from Fukushima… then, they died; Deformities get worse with each generation — TV: “Truly horrifying… it doesn’t really even look like a butterfly anymore” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


Terminal Phase of a Gigantic Credit Bubble /  Byron King / May 30, 2014

Has the world entered the terminal phase of a gigantic credit and asset bubble?”

That question opened a very thought-provoking — and nerve-wracking — talk by well-known economic commentator Marc Faber at the World War D conference in Australia, which I attended and spoke at recently. That was just the beginning. His message is worrisome for investors, to say the least.

But I have a way to play it.

Terminal phase? If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will. “Panics do not destroy capital,” Faber continued, citing a classic tenet of Austrian School economics. “They just reveal the extent to which it has been destroyed already by bad decisions.”

Even worse, per Faber, most of the world’s “bad decision” makers — central bankers, political hacks, faceless bureaucrats and corporate drones — pay no personal price for being wrong. One of these days, they’ll retire, receive their pensions and live comfortably… or so they think.

Foremost among bad decision makers, per Faber, is the Federal Reserve. It’s allegedly an “independent” central bank. Yet clearly, the Fed marches to a tune called the U.S. government. Year after year, the Fed provides liquidity so the Treasury Department can issue checks against an out-of-control budget passed annually by Congress, thus flooding the world with dollars.

That is, the Fed prints prodigious piles of money to pay for exploding levels of federal spending. The following chart, from the St. Louis branch of the Fed, illustrates the adjusted U.S. monetary base since 1920.


Teen Honor Student Brutally Murdered Parents with Multiple Weapons… and Blames His Dad for Taking Away His iPod

by Dan Riehl, Breitbart:

A 16-year-old Norview High School student, Vincent Tyrell Parker of Norfolk entered a guilty plea to charges of killing both his parents in a brutal assault he claims was fueled by his dad taking away his iPod.

Parker admitted to leaving school early, while his father was still at work. Vincent drove home to the 1000 block of Bland Avenue, where he lived with his parents. He went upstairs and pepper-sprayed his mother when she came out of the bathroom. He then stabbed her in the eye and beat her with a crowbar and a baseball bat.

Vincent claimed at the time that he hadn’t argued with his mother before the attack. “I just remember getting mad. It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad talking away my iPod and stuff,” he said.

When Vincent’s father arrived home from work, the teen attacked him with a crowbar before stabbinbg him multiple times.

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On Record: The Canadian Gov’t Is Researching Geoengineering with Chemtrails / By Melissa Melton / May 30, 2014

People continue to deny that chemtrails are being or will be sprayed into the atmosphere under the guise of fighting climate change, despite the fact that there are both tacit and overt admissions that governments are messing with the environment everywhere, including a recent NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory video where a scientist talks specifically about using a plane to spray aerosols into the stratosphere for this very reason (and what would happen if a rogue scientist were to hijack the planet with this technology — a possibility NASA is apparently very concerned about).

Now through a freedom of information request, former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm has revealed that Environment Canada is researching the use of aerosols to fight climate change.


FLASHPOINT – Cops Critically Injure Toddler in No Knock Raid with Flashbang Grenade: He’s in the burn unit… his whole face is ripped open. / By Dean Garrison via / May 30, 2014

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CBS Atlanta are reporting that police officers mistakenly threw a flashbang device into a toddler’s playpen, injuring the child critically. The child, Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, has been given a 50% chance of survival. The child is 19 months old.

How did this happen?

According to AJC police were there to make a felony drug arrest after methamphetamine had been purchased from the house according to a tip from a confidential informant.

“The last thing you want is law enforcement to injure someone innocent,” Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There was no malicious act performed. It was a terrible accident that was never supposed to happen.


Welcome to PRISON – Police State High: School Bans Backpacks, Seals Lockers, Forces Bathroom Registrations / By Mac Slavo / May 30th, 2014

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

-President Ronald Reagan

If drones over America, heavily armed law enforcement agencies, and a massive government surveillance web hasn’t yet convinced you that the United States is rapidly moving towards a police state then maybe the following report out of New York will be an eye opener.

Indoctrination centers abound across the land of the free, with high schools now taking a queue from the TSA:

A New York high school is the latest in the nation to ban backpacks following several bomb threats, and has even taken extra steps, including sealing up students’ lockers.


Directive Outlines The President To Use Military Force Against Domestic Unrest


X22Report, Published on May 29, 2014

Japanese retail is in a downward spiral and its not due to weather. Initial jobless claims in the US are near 2007 levels. GDP was revised and shrank by -1%, exclude Obamacare and it fell to -2%. New gun bill being proposed to tell on your friends and relatives if they seem angry or violent. New information about a directive that give the President the authority to use military force on US citizens. US troops in Afghanistan are being replaced by contractors. Moscow and Beijing will use national currency to pay for goods. The propaganda is now being pushed that Iran has been cyber spying and attacking the US, it even mentions the attacks on power grids. Be prepared for a false flag.

Iran’s Endless Jihad Against America, GDP Turns Negative, Whistleblower Snowden Speaks


Greg Hunter, Published on May 29, 2014

Iran says its Jihad is “endless” and the “battle will only end when the society can get rid of . . . America.” The top Iranian leader also says continued enrichment of uranium and Iran’s ballistic missile program are not up for negotiation.

GDP was revised down to a negative 1% in the first quarter. It came in at a paltry .1% weeks ago, and a couple of my guests predicted it would be, in fact, revised to a negative number, and it was. Second quarter GDP is predicted also to be negative.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was interview by NBC’s Brian Williams this week. In a nutshell, Snowden said he exposed the NSA spying because of big violations of the U.S. Constitution. Secretary of State John Kerry called Snowden a “coward” and a “traitor.”

Directive 3025.18: Granting Obama Authority TO USE MILITARY FORCE AGAINST CITIZENS

from ZeroHedge:

While the “use of armed [unmanned aircraft systems] is not authorized,The Washington Times uncovering of a 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans. As one defense official proclaimed, “this appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens.” Meet Directive 3025.18 and all its “quelling civil disturbances” totalitarianism…

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Couple Fined $746 for the Crime of Feeding Homeless People in Florida Park

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

It is a well known historical trend that as discontent and dissent spread within a society, the power structure will look to demonize unpopular or weak minorities in order to deflect frustrations away from the true culprit, the power structure itself. Many feared in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 that Muslims would serve as such a scapegoat, and indeed in many ways this occurred, although not to the extent that many feared. In my opinion, it is homeless people that are being increasingly being demonized and treated as subhuman. I think that if we want to see how the state and crony corporate status quo will treat everyone in the future, all you have to do is look at the current “war on the homeless.”

If you think about, the homeless actually serve as the perfect scapegoat for a former American middle class slowly being driven into serfdom. Still completely mesmerized by the religion of consumerism, how is a population losing its freedom and financial well-being supposed to feel better about itself. The easy answer is to look at an even more destitute class and treat them like the “elites” treat everyone else. Like a superfluous and unfortunate outgrowth of humanity.

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Retiree dies mysteriously in police custody, cops try to have him quickly cremated

Video / by Site Staff in News / May 29, 2014

KEY WEST, FL — A retiree died mysteriously in police custody and was inexplicably hauled off to a crematorium and nearly incinerated — before any autopsy was performed and without notice or consent of the family. Police reports contradict eyewitness video; the family insists a murder coverup took place; and conflicts of interest appear to exist among the state’s investigation team.

* * * * *

The bizarre situation took place began when Charles Eimers, 61, was pulled over on a routine traffic stop. Mr. Eimers was a recent retiree from Michigan who transplanted to Florida.


Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax Blown WIDE OPEN: SMOKING GUN Evidence Crime Scene is a FARCE


Red Pill Revolution, Published on May 29, 2014

WOW. This thing is NAILED SHUT. OVER! Ok guys, A few things I missed that need to be clarified and stated! Firstly, it is in fact ILLEGAL in the state of CALIFORNIA for the Deli crew to clean up the Hazardous Medical Waste!

“Only a licensed company can be paid to provide clean-up services for what is defined as Medical Waste (blood and body fluids) under the Medical Waste Act passed by the State of California: Crime Scene & Fatality Decontamination Company is a full service organization providing for the safe handling, disposal and decontamination of human blood, human fluid, sharps containers, hypodermic waste, chemotherapy drugs, or other residues from a scene of a serious human injury, blood, accident, illness, suicide, crime scene, or natural death (all defined as biohazardous medical waste under State of California laws and regulations). Only a State of California licensed and registered company can provide handling and disposal services without risk of a one thousand ($1000.00) per incident fine. Licensed employees must pass Occupational Safety & Health Training in Blood Borne Pathogens for the handling and disposal. Licensed employers must have an exposure plan established, and active. Both licensed employers and employees must attend regularly scheduled continuing education classes.

Family members are allowed under the law to clean the scene of a serious human injury, blood, accident, illness, suicide, crime scene, or natural death, as long as no family member is paid for the clean-up. The family must dispose of the biohazardous medical waste under State of California laws and regulations properly and not in the facility trash container or dumpster. Our company will consult with the family on how to dispose of the biohazardous medical waste.”

Second, I missed the fact that there was a bullet left at the scene between the Bounty towels! This of course would never happen in reality and in a real crime scene either and that’s why this crime scene is pure fantasy!

And lastly, UpNorthOfThe49th pointed out the fact that a bicycle was there at the accident scene at night, but then the next day it was gone, even though it should be there, indicating incompetent staging of the scene! Links in the description!

THIS THING HAS BEEN BLOWN WIIIIIIIIIDE OPEN and I only pointed out ONE of the many smoking guns. This is the biggest joke I have ever witnessed in a hoax it is absolutely pathetic!

It Begins, The U.S. Positions Military Assets In The Mediterranean – Episode 377


X22Report, Published on May 28, 2014

The President of France pushed recovery in 2013, but we see now it is completely the opposite. Germany unemployment rate increased way more than expected. The FED /US government needs more debt so they are relaxing the student loan qualifications. Mortgage rates, origination and refinancing all declined, real estate bubble is popping. RBS decides to layoff employees in the mortgage trading business. The Government is worried and nervous, they want to censor people and remove freedom of speech. The USS Bantaan has been sent to Libya because the people are rising up and taking back the country. This ship could also be used for Syria to join in with the troops that are training in Jordan. Be prepared for a false flag.