CDC EXPOSED! Centralized Death Control!

As more and more ‘vaccination’ propaganda appears in the main stream media, it is crucial that the American people become aware of the outrageous scam the CDC and the medical industrial complex are running.  It is important to understand that the CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet and partnering with Big Pharma.

The Center for Disease control is a rogue institution engaged in the destruction of the health of the American population . . .

  • CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet
  • CDC partners with big pharma
  • CDC deceives health practitioners as well as the public
  • CDC orchestrates propaganda campaigns
  • CDC wastes millions of dollars
  • CDC hires researchers to create bogus studies
  • CDC does not answer to the people, but promotes whatever agenda those who control the White House (the internationl banksters) wish advanced
  • CDC directs the public health institutions and even has employees stationed in their state offices
  • CDC ignores congressional reports and/or hearings
  • CDC actively discredits/destroys reputable researchers
  • CDC bilks insurance companys out of billions of dollars by knowingly creating disease through their massive vaccination programs
  • CDC hires private think-tank corporations to produce phoney consensus reports
  • CDC promotes the dumping of toxic wastes from the chemical fertilizer industry into public drinking water in the name of ‘fluoridation’ [Exposè by toxicologist on this page.]

[Supporting links for above statements can be found on this page.]

While most physicians and public health workers may be unaware of the depth of the cover-up regarding vaccines, the harm they are causing is incalculable and the damage being inflicted on us and our children is devastating. Since the illnesses or injuries caused by toxic vaccines frequently don’t show up for weeks or even years, the medical industrial complex maintains plausible deniability.

Many good physicians have come forward and exposed the dangers of vaccines as have CDC whistle-blowers. The truth is everywhere. All that is needed is for folks to educate themselves and join the many good people (professionals and non-professionals) working to get the truth out.


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