Recipe For Martial Law And Suspension To The Constitution

rom Western Journalism:

It is no doubt that the road we are on in this country is a very unstable one. This administration is a large supporter of Muslims and refuses to see the truth, either because they are blind or just plain ignorant to foresee the dangers of ISIS, ISIL, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and whatever other terror group wants to make a name for itself today.

They want a religious war. They wish to eliminate every religion and convert you to Islam, much like the Crusades when Christianity became a major religion in the world. It isn’t the year 1095 anymore; we are in the 21st century, and we all should be more advanced in ideology and tolerance of one another to respectfully disagree about how we participate in our own religious beliefs. There is no religion that should ever support the rape, torture, and decapitation of women, children, or anyone else.

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