[Vaccine sacrifice. They have known since at least the 17th century the cause and cure of Smallpox (Sanitation), yet brought in the poison known as ‘smallpox vaccine’ which never saved one life, just took lives in the tens of thousands every year, directly or indirectly through spreading diseases such as Leprosy.  Smallpox vaccine infant deaths (UK) were estimated at 25,000 in 1880, and 6,000 in 1921 (ref & see), easily proven by Leicester stats 1, where they lost 2,200 less infants under 5 compared to their high vaccination years.  Smallpox case mortality was also way higher due to vaccination 1.   Diptheria vaccine had some notable ‘disasters 1 2.  Now MMR vaccine is killing more kids than measles would be doing with or without vaccination 1.

Vaccine deaths are always denied as ‘coincidental‘ and suppressed by being hidden under terms such as cot death, MSbP & SBS. See here for 40 vaccine/SIDS deaths in 2 years in one city.  Officially, as compensated by the NVICP over 100 children are killed every year by vaccines in the USAVAERS reports list over 300 from just 4 vaccines, bearing in mind only 1-5% of vaccine reactions are reported 1.   Another revealing statistic is the USA Infant death rate.  Bear in mind the government says vaccines such as MMR are safe 1.
You can glean how effective vaccines are at killing by the way they use them to kill off African children with OPV vaccines, exposed by Kihura Nkuba recently.  Allopathy has always killed more children than the diseases with vaccination (1 2 3 4 ) and the suppression of effective non-Allopathic medicine such as Vitamin C which would prevent all vaccine induced cot-deaths and most other child deaths, (known since 1949 1 2 3) along with Homeopathy, & Naturopathy and the ignoring of poisons, nutrition/diet, Disease Theory & sanitation knowledge, which would destroy vaccination.]


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