President Obola Sending MORE Troops To Shoot EBOLA And Save You To Death

DRTOA – Americans weapons of death will be no match for death itself. First we start a never ending war on ideas (terror). Now a war on a virus. Our weapons of mass destruction will be no match for the ultimate weapon of mass destruction…….

[Ed. Note: Dave Janda sent this out to his subs tonight. He’s absolutely right. This is an unmitigated outrage.]

by Dave Janda, Operation Freedom:


Enough!!!! It was bad enough he sent 4000 U.S. troops to The Hot Zone of EBOLA in Africa…… for what???? Shoot the virus. Tonight President Obola doubled down…… he signed an Executive Order sending The National Guard and Reservists to The EBOLA Hot Zone as well.

This is beyond incompetence….. it is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE. That is not a political assessment…. it is an assessment from a Prevention Specialist of 30 years. He must be forced to resign …… otherwise YOU and your family will find yourself in your own Hot Zone.

Take a look at the order… Obama Mobilizes National Guard, Army Reserves To Fight Ebola

Dave Janda


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