Obama says you can’t get Ebola from bus; CDC says avoid public trans; contaminated taxis infect people in Liberia

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Anyone still taking cues from the federal government about how to deal with the prospect of contracting Ebola is going to have a difficult time making sense of all the contradicting information. On Thursday, Barack Obama told West Africans that it is impossible to catch Ebola while riding the bus, which contradicts Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice urging folks to “avoid public transportation” for their own safety.

In a recent video message, Obama plainly stated that a person cannot catch Ebola “through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus.” He followed this up with the oft-repeated claim that Ebola is not transmissible unless symptoms of the disease “start showing,” a subjective and wholly imprecise threshold that is not at all helpful for preserving public health.

To top it all off, Obama repeated the unproven but popular government theory that Ebola can’t transfer through the air, which multiple virologists and disease experts say is false. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already reported that Liberians who travel by taxi, which is similar to riding the bus, are actively spreading and catching Ebola.

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