False Flag Ebola Claims in Liberia: Is It All About Organ Harvesting and Trafficking?

DRTOA – This is also serving as a BETA test for introducing chemicals into the Americans drinking water. This method of controlling the population was first tested by Hitler.

thecommonsenseshow.com / by Dean Garrison / 

About a month ago I reported the story of Dr. Cyril Broderick, a professor of plant pathology, who took to the pages of The Liberian Observer to blame Western Pharmaceuticals and the Department of Defense for manufacturing Ebola and the crisis that goes with it.

It seems that it is not just Americans who are noticing that things just don’t quite add up.

What you must understand is that there is a population of truth seekers in Liberia, and also Sierra Leone, that think that Ebola is nothing more than some sort of false flag conspiracy.

Can you blame them?

Founded in 1981, The Liberian Observer is a publication that boasts the goals of government accountability and popular awareness of current events.

In early August, before the Ebola panic was a reality for much of the world, The Observer reported that a man was caught dumping formaldehyde into a community water supply. The man claimed that he was being paid to do so and that there were others.



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