Hey Canada, Welcome to the American Nightmare of Terrorists Everywhere Compliments of the CIA

Is The US Ready To Trigger WWIII?

from The News Doctors:

In 1914, the world exploded into a huge episode of death and destruction. What was then called “The Great War” was a horrific bloodbath, in which millions died in the trenches across Europe. 100 years later, the danger of a new world war is hanging over us once again.

One of the most disturbing patterns in the current period is what has been called the “Asian pivot.” The US and its allies seem to be gearing up for war in Asia.

The increased presence of the US military in the Philippines is becoming more controversial there, in light of the recent killing of Jennifer Laude. Many in the Philippines believe U.S. Marine Corps PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton murdered her, and are demanding that he be turned over to the authorities. He is currently being protected on a US Navy vessel.

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