Chris Wattie/Reuters /  By Arthur Bright, Staff writer, Via Christian Science Monitor / 22nd October 2014

Didn’t the gunmen who perpetrated this crime know it was illegal to own and use those guns in Canada? What’s the world coming to when criminals don’t obey strict gun laws? Wouldn’t it have been crazy if an armed Canadian citizen had been there and shot the criminal? That’s crazy talk. Canada will just pass some stricter anti-terrorism laws and the government will protect you. Eh?

Ottawa parliament shooting: What are Canada’s gun laws?

An unidentified gunman has injured a soldier in Ottawa, Ontario, before running into Parliament Hall where more shots were fired.

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation reports that one of the shooters was a man with dark hair and armed with a long gun. According to witnesses, he fired four shots injuring a soldier standing guard at the Canadian War Memorial before running into the Parliament building. Televised reports say that dozens of shots were fired inside the building, though it is unclear who was firing or how many gunmen there were.

The parliament buildings are currently on lockdown. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other top government officials are reportedly safe.

 But for those in the US, where the debate over guns continues to rage, the incident raises the question: Just what are Canada‘s gun laws?



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