Ebola: All Hype, No Action – Why No Travel Ban?

from Sheilaaliens:

Visas of non-US citizens coming from Ebola-stricken countries should be suspended until further notice. If indeed Ebola is such a huge problem, this, at the very minimum, should be done.

And ANYONE coming from an Ebola-stricken country should have to be placed in a month-long quarantine. Simple. That way you don’t have to later quarantine entire families and airplane passengers and so forth. It simply makes sense. Yet there is still no protocol in place that does this.

Maybe because Ebola isn’t a real threat? Regardless of that, what a way to show the sheeple how truly f*cked we are in the future, should something like this happen on a real scale.

And how about those excuses from Obama and the CDC? It’s enough to make my head spin around like the exorcist.


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