NYC Ebola Patient’s Condition Worsens As Fiancee Returns Home / by Tyler Durden

New York City health officials have released Morgan Dixon, the 30-year-old fiancée of recently diagnosed Ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer, to her West 147th Street Manhattan apartmentwhere, as WSJ reports, she will remain under mandatory quarantine. This ‘good’ news comes as New York’s Department of Health issues a statement on the deteriorating condition of Dr. Spencer who “is entering the next phase of the illness, which is anticipated gastrointestinal symptoms.” This was expected apparently, as NYC’s health commissioner Mary Basset noted, “we’ve seen with this disease that it continues to get worse before it gets better.” A large CDC team is actively involved.

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Wearing a scarf and coat, Morgan Dixon the fiancée of NYC doc with Ebola just returned to their apt for quarantine. (Don Champion)

The good news… (via WSJ)

 New York City health officials were preparing Saturday to release the fiancée of a recently diagnosed Ebola patient to her Manhattan apartment where she will remain under quarantine.

Morgan Dixon, 30 years old, was in close contact with Dr. Craig Spencer since he returned to his New York City home on Oct. 17 from treating Ebola patients in Guinea, officials said, and had been with her fiancé at Bellevue Hospital Center since he was diagnosed with the virus on Thursday.


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