Fabian Calvo-World Reserve Currency on Line in Next Crash

Greg HunterPublished on Nov 4, 2014

Fabian Calvo of TheNoteHouse.us says don’t worry about the recent bad news coming from the U.S. housing market and recession fears in Europe. Calvo says, “I think this is part of the conditioning and setting the precedent for the Fed to continue to inject liquidity around the world, particularly in the West.” Calvo, whose company buy and sells $100 million in real estate annually, goes on to predict, “I think when the next crash happens, it’s not just going to be the stock market or the bond market that’s going to be on the line. It’s literally going to be the world reserve currency on the line. That’s what I talk about in my book ‘The Global Economic Reset.’ The West and the western banking systems are doing everything they can, and they know that event is coming. They are doing everything they can to control it before it becomes completely unraveled.”


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