Sanctions: Diplomatic Weapons Of Mass Criminality

DRTOA – Obama’s sanctions against Russia will lead to a nuclear war. If I were Russia, I would see to it that the nuclear option message was sent clearly. / by Ben Tanosborn /

Mid-term elections are over, and the anticipated trouncing of Democrats in Congress took place without a hitch, even if the media selfishly played the uncertainty card.  The sad reality: the United States is a nation divided alongside economic lines of haves and have-nots, and not ideology… with the leadership of both parties finding common ground in a solitary, non-domestic issue: the maintenance and perpetuation of the empire.  And, that’s the only political preserver this drowning, unpopular president, Barack Obama, can hang on to for what is sure to be a political legacy which cultivated mediocrity, totally lacking backbone and leadership.
Even if Obama is personally anti-war, he is likely to yield to warmongering voices which now will have an even greater echo in Congress: the voices of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other bellicosarians in the Senate who don’t seem to mind, and actually insist, in bringing America to the portals of a nuclear war.

Barack Obama is running the risk of mistakenly looking in a mirror and seeing FDR’s image as he deals in global affairs; and, as ego-feeding as that may appear to this unpopular president, that could prove to be a catastrophic misread not just for him, but for the rest of us living in the United States, as well as others around the world who have politically cast their lot with the United States.  Obama finds himself looking at Russia in much the same way as FDR did looking at Japan in 1941.  However, the stakes being waged today are different, and far more extreme, from those of seven-plus decades ago; and the consequences, far more ominous.

In July 1941 the US imposed an oil embargo on Japan, demanding that it get out of China, de facto curbing any hegemonic aspirations or influence that nation might have or hope to have in Asia.  The economic reality forced by the American sanctions on Japan left the Land of the Rising Sun with just two options in the summer-fall of 1941: surrender its aspirations (which compensated for the Japanese homeland very limited natural resources) and capitulate to the wishes of the United States; or, resort to war… which became its only plausible answer, one which resulted in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, that year.



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