Republicans Win Big, War with Russia, More on Ebola and JPMorgan Trouble

Greg HunterPublished on Nov 6, 2014

The mainstream media said the mid-term election would be close, and it turned into a blowout. Now, all the blocking that outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was doing for President Obama is going to be unblocked, and expect many pieces of legislation to land on the President’s desk. Yes, the President can veto legislation, but then he will be known as the President of “no.”

It’s been revealed President Obama secretly wrote a letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran asking for his help in fighting the Islamic State. I thought Iran was on the State Department terror list. I thought the U.S. and other nations were trying to get Iran to curtail its nuclear program. I thought we were asking Sunnis to overthrow Assad in Syria that Iran (Shia Muslim) is helping to stay in power. Confused? So am I.

Financial war is raging between the West and Russia. The ruble is way down in value. The Russians are going to make the use of dollars illegal and force people to close dollar denominated accounts. There are sanctions from Europe and the U.S. on Russia and vice versa. Now, we hear of a cyber-threat from Homeland Security called “Black Energy” that can shut things like nuclear power plants down.

There is another investigation into JP Morgan, this time, over its foreign exchange business. I am not optimistic of getting any convictions. The government hasn’t convicted a single high profile banker for massive and obvious crime. That said, there is a new star witness against JP Morgan, and Matt Tiabbi of Rolling Stone lays out the case in a story titled “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare.


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