Addicted to Lies: Kiev, CIA Still Pushing Fake Reports of Russia Invading Ukraine

New releases of imagery of Russian artillery attacks against Ukrainian military / BY  / NOVEMBER 8, 2014

On Friday, Ukrainian military’s PR machine spun-up its latest episode of the illusive “Russian Invasion”, accusing Moscow of dispatching a column of 32 tanks and ‘truckloads’ of Russian troops into the country’s eastern region.

Thursday’s In what they are calling a “cross-border incursion”, with the all-important caveat of “unconfirmed report”, standardized by CIA media handlers within the US-backed Kiev regime.

The timing, and the sheer desperation of this latest PR move is designed to deflect public attention away from the fact that Ukrainian military have already broken the fragile ceasefire with rebels, as Kiev resumes its shelling of civilian areas around Donetsk and Lugansk. The indiscriminant shelling by Kiev has already been roundly condemned by international groups and human right organizations, but has attract no interest from the US State Department who are avoiding addressing any of Kiev’s military deployment against its own civilians – with many of the victims being unarmed.

Eastern regions also held long-overdue elections last Sunday, and despite international observers giving favorable reports on voting, the elections were (predictably) condemned as “illegitimate” by the West, even as major political parties and representatives in Eastern Ukraine have been banned and disallowed from participating in Kiev’s new junta government.

Still the western media is spinning this latest Kiev lie as yet another reason to, “call into question Russia’s commitment to a two-month-old ceasefire deal”.

This latest fake Kiev/CIA attempted report are is the first. Here are some previous attempts to create a ‘Russian Invasion’:

July 28, 2014: After their total failure to blame eastern Ukrainian Rebels and Moscow for shooting down Fight MH17 on July 17th, Washington and its NATO allies have shifted their propaganda strategy in a new attempt to implicate Russia for “international war crimes”.



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