ISIS – This is About Money & Power – Not Religion / by Martin Armstrong / November 11, 2014

Questions keep pouring in about ISIS and their brutal violence, extortion and hypocrisy for this is not really about religion – it is business. The leader of ISIS, who appeared in a Ramadan prayer video calling on Muslims to obey him, has prompted confusion and become the subject of mockery as he showed off a $6,500 ‘James Bond’ watch.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader of a Sunni extremist group. A fact that has been overlooked by even intelligence agencies is what our computer does the best – follow the money. The rift between Shiite and Sunni has strangely also been about oil. The bulk of the oil has curiously been in the possession of the Shiites. Religion is a great tool and it has been used to manipulate the masses. Just as some goldbugs will distort what I say because investing in gold has become a religion to them, this very same characteristic of obsession exits in all aspects and it has been dominant in religion. This is how they create wars and crusades. Japanese committed suicide missions during WWII because they believed the Emperor to be God.



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