Even McDonald’s Rejects New GMO Potato in French Fries

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society

Ever since the USDA recently approved the first genetically modified potato for planting in the US, individuals across the country became concerned that their supermarket potatoes would be tainted with a new GMO creation. While the GM potato may soon be found in many supermarkets and restaurants, fast food giant McDonald’s has surprisingly announced that it would not be sourcing these GMO potatoes. 

This is even more powerful when we consider the fact that the creator of the new mutant potato is also McDonald’s current main supplier for their potato supply. The new GMO potato, which has been named ‘Innate’ by its creator, Simplot, will be engineered to brown slower than non-GM potatoes and bruise less easily. It will also contain less of a probable carcinogenic compound known as acrylamide, which appears when potatoes are fried at high temperatures.

Read More @ Natural Society


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