This Is Not Good: The Yen Is Melting Down / By David Kranzler / November 19, 2014

The yen is down 1% today vs. the $.  This is a huge move in one day for any currency.  The yen has lost well more than half of its value vs. the dollar since the beginning of 2012.  In other words, the yen is now collapsing.

If the yen goes “super-nova” – i.e. collapses  – it could bring down the U.S.   The U.S. QE/Keynesian Ponzi scheme relies on Japan to help keep the scheme together.   The yen is beginning to hyperinflate and it is now entering “parabolic” mode.  First, this will cause the Japanese banks to implode because they’re loaded up with Japanese stocks and bonds, the way our banks are loaded with Treasuries.  The banking system would not survive a yen collapse.



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