Education vs. School – Why We Are Homeschooling Our Children

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig:

Sit down, listen, and shut up. The universal lesson in any classroom you have ever stepped foot in.

Bringing my brain back to a state of usefulness after 12 years of being pounded with information that the central planners wanted me to learn was no easy task. Much of it was meaningless information that I only learned for the day of the test, and this life experience has prompted us to decide not to institutionalize our children.

After recently starting my son in a homeschool program, my wife and I soon realized just how much time is wasted going to school. My wife, who was previously an elementary school teacher for 7 years, used to tell me the horror stories about the “one size fits all” educational curriculum America’s kids are taught. About how the teachers essentially have to teach according to the test, regardless of its application in real life.

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