Did The Russians Really Use This Super-Weapon On A US Ship?

kingworldnews.com / November 24, 2014

Today one of the legends in the business sent King World News an incredible piece which highlights an astonishing situation in which the Russians are alleged to have used a Super-Weapon against a U.S. warship.  Below is the remarkable piece which all KWN readers around the world must read.

November 24 (King World News) – “On this day (-1) in 1637 the government official in charge of New York City complained about the difficulty of managing the place.  The city, at the time, used the stage name of New Amsterdam.  The frustrated head of government was not the mayor but rather the Dutch appointed Governor – – one William Kieft, to be exact.

Kieft’s frustration was how did the town get so wacky so fast.  Less than three decades before, it consisted merely of two tiny and temporary trading huts.  (Near what is today 45 Broadway.)  Within a couple of years (and before those newcomers to the north – – the Pilgrims – – had found Plymouth Rock), New Amsterdam already had a group of hard talking, hard dealing permanent residents.

But Kieft’s concern was not that life was slipping by in a New York (er…make that a New Amsterdam) minute.  He worried that as the commerce grew (and moved closer to the Wall, which gives Wall Street its name) the way business was getting done was getting unique.  He noted that at one out of four buildings the primary commodity sold was alcohol and/or tobacco.  What, he wondered, would become of a place where 25% of everything was a saloon.


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