Sandy Hook: The Face of Tragedy?

from Insane Media:

In this article titled “Sandy Hook:The Face of Tragedy?” we will examine the curious reactions of parents and participants of the Sandy Hook Event.

I have mentioned, many times, my lack of interest in the more subjective aspects of the Sandy Hook research effort. Whether it’s facial comparisons, photo examinations or even the reactions of participants, I have chosen, for the most part, to avoid them. I avoid them not only because of their subjective nature but also because they are extremely provocative and easily attacked by opponents.

That being said, I have also contended for 2 years that there can be no doubt about our psychological/scientific understanding of general reaction to trauma, ptsd, the stages of grief and the connection between memories and emotions. But it wasn’t until I watched The Fifth Estate’s program on the harassment and death of Amanda Todd that it crystallized for me.

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