McDonald’s serves healthier ingredients in the UK, uses potentially dangerous additives to feed US population

by Lance Johnson, Natural News:

Why do other countries get safer versions of McDonald’s food, while Americans are fed unnecessary and potentially dangerous additives? Does McDonald’s have it out against Americans? Is there a conspiracy to destroy the health of Americans, using food ingredients as silent weapons? Are Americans being used as lab rats in a worldwide McDonald’s experiment?

According to new investigations by Vani Hari at, it’s true that McDonald’s feeds to Americans a much different food selection from what other countries get to enjoy. In fact, in the United Kingdom, McDonald’s serves organic milk with their oatmeal, coffee and tea. Happy Meals in the UK also come with organic milk for children to enjoy. On top of that, UK McDonald’s offer preservative-free pineapple and carrot sticks as sides instead of the default selection of French fries that Americans have grown so accustomed to.

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