East Asian Waters to have NO US Aircraft Carriers for Several Months in 2015

DRTOA – Is this the result of the Radioactive waters off JAPAN? The same waters that radiated the entire USS Regan?

johngaltfla.com / by John Galt / December 4, 2014

Welcome back to 1931 boys and girls.

The United States Navy, the best passenger liner for our brave and beloved USMC, is currently only operating two aircraft carriers on active duty in the entire world:

USS Carl Vinson – Supporting operations against ISIS from the Persian Gulf

USS John C Stennis – Just deported its home port in Washington State

That’s right, you are not going insane or losing your eyesight as there are no carriers in the Med, none in the Atlantic, and nothing between Japan and Hawaii but wide open waters.

The map of US Naval Activity from Stratfor today tells the sad tale of our isolationist President’s policies:



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