by Wendy McElroy, Dollar Vigilante:

As I write, FOX News television is reporting on the following story, which is also posted to its website, “A protest against police-involved killings spun out of control for the second straight night in Berkeley, Calif. Sunday [Dec. 7], as demonstrators threw rocks and explosives at officers, turned on each other, and shut down a highway.” Two officers were injured. An undisclosed number of protesters were arrested.

Anyone following American news knows the police are entirely out of control. They kill, beat, and brutalize non-resisting ‘civilians’ with impunity, even if that person is a child, even if he is shot in the back. Police officers who kill unarmed and complying people are almost always vindicated by their department superiors and by a court system that will not prosecute. No wonder homicides by cops are at a two decade high despite a continuing decline in America’s overall homicide rate.

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