Jim Willie: We’re in the END GAME: The Dollar Will Rise Just Before it COLLAPSES!

We’re in the end game. The dollar will rise, and rise some more, and will do so right before it dies or collapses.

by C Serpa, Grams Gold:

“This is the year of accelerated breakdown,” says PhD Economist Jim Willie.

He sees the economy as having already collapsed in 2008 and the Fed as keeping a dead economy barely alive with it’s QE money printing scheme.

Now that the US has announced it’s end to QE, he says that it hasn’t really ended, as coincidentally, Japan announced a bigger than ever, multi-trillion dollar money-printing scheme. He says that is orchestrated by the US, which figuratively hold Japan hostage.

“The US exported QE, we didn’t stop it, and commandeered their 1.2 trillion pension fund. The us is running out of countries to plunder, in order to sustain the dollar.” says Willie.

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