Parents Find Injury to Baby After Daycare, Doctor Visit Results in CPS Removing all 3 Children

Three children removed from family home when the parents reported a cut on the baby’s tongue to doctor after picking up from daycare. Photo courtesy Bring Bowling’s & Becker Babies Back Facebook Community. / by Terri LaPoint / December 19, 2014

A South Dakota couple still can’t figure it out. All they know is their three children, all under 3 years old, have been taken away for reasons they cannot fully explain because it makes no sense to them. They also have no idea how to get their children back from Child Protective Services (CPS).

They did what any other parent would do, and for that, Molly Bowling and Michael Becker report they had their children taken away from them.

How Seeking Simple Medical Help Led to a Family Nightmare

On Black Friday, November 28, Molly reports that she got off work at 4 pm from WalMart, where she works as a cashier. She went home to help her boyfriend’s mother Joyce set the table and fold clothes. Then she and Michael went to the daycare at 5 to pick up the baby, 2 1/2 month old Creedance, and her other two children from a previous relationship – Noah, who is almost 2, and Robin, who will be 3 in March. It was much like any other typical evening.

The baby fell asleep in the car, but woke up crying when they started to unbuckle him from his car seat. Molly assumed he was hungry, since the daycare last fed him at 2:45. She prepared a bottle for him, and Michael tried to feed him. Creedance remained fussy and wouldn’t take the bottle, so Michael changed his diaper and Creedance fell asleep again.

The family ate dinner with Michael’s parents. When the baby woke up around 8 pm, they tried to feed him again, but he wanted no part of it. While he was crying, Michael says he noticed something odd on the baby’s tongue and told Molly and his mother to look. His tongue appeared to be cut, straight across, about an inch back.


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