OFF DUTY Cop Picked the Wrong Person to Harass

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

Like most states in the U.S., South Carolina can be a hotbed for undue police harassment. No less in Charleston, presumably during January 2014. Traffic on the interstate was being unnecessarily stopped up by a man with a female passenger, driving ever-so-slowly in the left lane.

The female driver seen in the following video drove by the unmarked car and “flipped a friendly bird.” Only to be tailgated by the unmarked car which soon sped up and flashed police lights. Turns out, she was a confident law student.

Evidently, this was a self-proclaimed off duty officer who asked for her identification, registration and proof of insurance. When asked if he was on duty he replied, “we are always on duty, ma’am.” She has to repeat, “am I being detained?” a number of times before he answered, “no.”

Read More @ Activist Post


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