South Korean Nuclear Power Plant Compromised by N. Korean Hackers / By Dave Hodges / Dec 24, 2014

A South Korean nuclear power plant operator’s computer system was hacked. The perpetrator has leaked blueprints and manuals, says if his demands for closure of three nuclear reactors aren’t met, “those living near the facilities should stay away from home”.

President Park Geun-hye’s stated that “A grave situation that is unacceptable has developed when there should have been not a trace of a lapse as a matter of national security,” she said. “Nuclear power plants are first-class security installations that directly impact the safety of the people…it is an act of cyber terrorism”

A government official told Reuters that authorities have raised the cyber crisis alert from“caution” to “attention”. 

The Common Sense Show has been deluged with comments from “self appointed experts” claiming that North Korea does not have the ability to strike at nuclear power plants and they have now proven they not only have the capability, but they have the willingness to do so!

The planet has never been closer to war than it is now since 1962.


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