Rejoice for Christmas: No One Died at Sandy Hook or Boston Bombing

by Jim Fetzer, Veteran’s Today:

Not only were no children killed at Sandy Hook, but new video confirms that the Boston bombing was also a staged event, which means we can rejoice since no one was killed in Boston, either.

It has been my pleasure to be featured by Bev Collins on her show, “911 Talk”, twice, first about 9/11 (on 4 December 2014) and again about Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing (on 18 December 2014). During the second show, I even had time for a brief discussion of the raid on the compound that was reported to have ended the life of Osama bin Laden.

What I especially appreciate is that Media Broadcasting Center allows me to use Powerpoint, so I was able (in both instances) to present slides showing the evidence I was talking about. This makes it overwhelmingly easier to explain key points, since we are looking at the evidence as I discuss it. And the second was a fresh opportunity to talk about Sandy Hook.

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