Land of the Spied On? Army Surveillance Blimps Launching over MD as 30,000 Cameras Watch D.C. Schools / Melissa Melton / January 2nd, 2015

America is the “land of the free, home of the brave” in name only.

The majority of us who have long ago realized that ignorance is not bliss have known this for quite a while now. In reality, we’re living in an increasingly sophisticated electronic concentration camp the likes of which would make George Orwell spin in his grave fast enough to cause spontaneous combustion.

Some have suggested America is now “the most surveilled society in human history,” and on what possible basis could anyone disagree?

Surveillance devices are everywhere — from the cell phones in our hands, to the cameras positioned on our street corners, to the satellites floating around our planet in space. In some states, we’re expected to give all ten of our fingerprints for what we are told is the state-regulated “privilege” of driving, and more and more states will be moving toward this model out of what officials will say is security necessity in the 21st century.

Our police are using everything from drones and license plate readers to pre-crime algorithms to assign us a “threat score” based on all of our data (including our purchases and social media posts) before an officer even lays eyes on someone. Utility companies are installing smart meters by the hundreds of millions across the nation, so that eventually every time we use even the smallest bit of energy inside the supposed “privacy” of our own homes, someone somewhere will be analyzing our data in real time.

The list goes on and on. A member of the EU parliament openly accused Obama’s administration of using “American-style Stasi methods,” to no real disagreement. Our government is now running a top secret three-billion-dollar surveillance hub out of the Utah desert that Fox News reported, “could hold as many as 1.25 million 4-terabyte hard drives, built into some 5,000 servers to store the trillions upon trillions of ones and zeroes that make up your digital fingerprint.”

Oh goody! No wonder one of the Bilderberg Group’s big agenda points at last year’s meeting was, “Does privacy exist?” (Of course, they already know the answer…)



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