INTO THE WOODS: French Police in Pursuit of ‘Terrorists’ in Forest (that means no witnesses) / JANUARY 8, 2015

21st Century Wire says…

It’s being touted as ‘France’s 9-11′. This evening French Authorities have announced they are in hot pursuit of the two Charlie Hebdo shooters, who are believed to now be fleeing through the forest – but what are their chances of survival?

In what global media are now describing as “the largest man-hunt in Europe’s history”, French SWAT units have now entered the forest of Retz, a large wooded region located 50 miles northeast of Paris, this after receiving ‘reports’ that the two fugitive suspects, Cherif and Said Kouachi reportedly abandoned their vehicle on a nearby country road.

Police helicopters have been scrambled, along with several dozen police vehicles, tactical RAID off-road units, as French teams scour the 13,000-hectare woodland and adjacent farming properties. Additionally,French military soldiers have also been deployed, firstly in Paris itself, but it’s unclear yet if the military are joining in the dragnet operation near Retz.

French official now report that, in addition to the two fleeing suspects still at large, and the 18 year old ‘false positive’ suspect currently in police custody (a student who police still cannot tie to the Charlie Hebdo shooting), at least 7 other ‘friends and associates’ of suspects have also been arrested today.



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