PARIS MAYHEM: French Connection – False Flags, Gladio and the Charlie Hebdo Incident

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:

A new year brings resolutions, and for the establishment, the resolutions are quite clear: more of the same.  

More false flags, more media circus and staged news, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

In the 1971 film The French Connection, New York detective “Popeye” Doyle (Gene Hackman) uncovers an underworld drug smuggling operation involving the importation of millions of dollars in heroin by a French cartel that planned to use a media personality as an unwitting front.

Today, we all awoke to news the Onion-like French satire publication Charlie Hebdo had been attacked by terrorists, with Al Qaeda taking responsibility for the murder of several media figures.  While it is tempting to get bogged down in “fluid” situation details, we must always recall similar patterns of such events in the recent past which will serve to inform the greater context of this new event in the never-ending “war on terror.”

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False Flag Warning: DHS Reports Black Energy Malware Found In Energy Control Systems

DRTOA – When the fiat currency hits critical mass, the bankers will simply press the self destruct button. A massive cyber attack will destroy the entire world financial system in a matter of seconds. Then they will blame it on our latest imaginary enemy. Yesterday it was the “Syrian Electronic Army” and just a few days ago they said it is “Russian Hackers!” Either way the American Sheeple wont care because their bank accounts will be GONE…………

WOW! 105 being monitored for Ebola in Pa.

from MCall:

Public health workers are monitoring 105 people in Pennsylvania for Ebola symptoms, the state Department of Health announced Monday.

That figure includes everyone in the state known to have arrived from three Ebola-ravaged West Africa countries in the last 21 days, according to new state monitoring rules.

The department did not immediately indicate how many of the travelers had potential exposure to the virus in Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone. Those with possible or likely exposure to Ebola could face mandatory travel restrictions or quarantine, state health officials said last week.

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Ebola scare fabricated by U.S. media to make profit…?

from Press TV:

American lies brought to you an Iraq war and hundreds of thousands dead. American lies recently brought us the barbarism of Ukraine. American lies next forced all to bear witness to contrived atrocities in Syria and accept fabricated excuses for hundreds of dead children in Gaza.

American lies now bring you Ebola. To begin, consider:

­- The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the epicenter for all worldwide media information and purported credibility about Ebola, is a for­profit, publicly traded, private corporation with a very dark, sinister and criminal past.

­- On April 29, 2010, the CDC acquired the patent and ownership for the Zaire Ebola Virus (ZEBOV). By doing so, it acquired rights for all pending bio­engineered forms of the heinous virus, including vaccines and infection tests.

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Ebola Travel Ban, Ebola Czar Fear-Overpopulation, Financial War against Russia, Canada Terror Attack

Despite WHO’s Confidence, Mali Becomes 6th West African Nation With Ebola / by Tyler Durden on 10/23/2014 17:55

In yet another blow for the doctors fighting the spread of this deadly disease, AP reports, Mali’s health minister says the West African country has confirmed its first case of Ebola. Despite every effort to close borders, quarantine areas, and now send US troops (to do… well we are not sure really), Mali becomes the sixth West African country to report an Ebola case.


Rwanda to begin screening U.S. air travelers for Ebola – what do they know that the CDC doesn’t?

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The government of the African nation of Rwanda, in the eastern part of the continent, is now mandating that all visitors from the United States and Spain self-monitor for signs of Ebola, as well as complete an extensive questionnaire and report their medical condition to authorities for the first 21 days of their visits, because the virus has now appeared in both countries.

Whether or not it is a coincidence, the new screening mandate comes after an “embarrassing uproar in a New Jersey school over the imminent enrollment of two Rwanda children that initially prompted their parents to keep them at home for 21 days,” USA Today reported.

The Rwandan government order was posted in recent days on the website of the U.S. Embassy in that country:

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Doctor: Health Authorities Covering Up Ebola Cases in U.S.

Exclusive: Patients being “disappeared” to prevent panic

by Paul Joseph Watson | October 23, 2014

A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort to avoid hysteria.

James Lawrenzi, DO, who has two clinics in Garden City and Archie, Missouri, appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to warn that the true scale of the situation was being deliberately downplayed. It is important to note that none of these potential Ebola outbreaks occurred at the clinics in which Lawrenzi works.

Lawrenzi said that shortly after the arrival of patient zero – Thomas Eric Duncan – in the United States, he was told by a doctor at Truman Lakewood Medical Center in Kansas City they had taken in a possible Ebola patient who had a high fever and was bleeding out of all his orifices having recently returned from West Africa.

Hey Canada, Welcome to the American Nightmare of Terrorists Everywhere Compliments of the CIA

Is The US Ready To Trigger WWIII?

from The News Doctors:

In 1914, the world exploded into a huge episode of death and destruction. What was then called “The Great War” was a horrific bloodbath, in which millions died in the trenches across Europe. 100 years later, the danger of a new world war is hanging over us once again.

One of the most disturbing patterns in the current period is what has been called the “Asian pivot.” The US and its allies seem to be gearing up for war in Asia.

The increased presence of the US military in the Philippines is becoming more controversial there, in light of the recent killing of Jennifer Laude. Many in the Philippines believe U.S. Marine Corps PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton murdered her, and are demanding that he be turned over to the authorities. He is currently being protected on a US Navy vessel.

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Thousands of Americans stranded aboard cruise ship with quarantined Dallas health worker exposed to Ebola

Mexico says no Ebola patients allowed here; US says come on back!

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

In breaking news, a lab technician who processed blood and other fluid samples from Thomas Eric Duncan, the first known Ebola victim to arrive unexpectedly on U.S. soil, is currently being quarantined on a Carnival cruise ship after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contacted the company to notify it of a potential disease breach.

The unidentified woman is currently under voluntary quarantine in one of the ship’s cabins, along with a travel mate, as the leisure vessel makes its way back to Galveston, Texas. The trip had to be cut short after a scheduled port visit to Cozumel, Mexico, was denied clearance, but the woman is said to be showing no symptoms at this time.

“The employee has been self-monitoring, including daily temperature checks, since Oct. 6, and has not had a fever or demonstrated any symptoms of illness,” said CDC spokeswoman Jen Psaki in a recent statement. “It has been 19 days since the passenger may have processed the since deceased patient’s fluid samples.”

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U.S. EXPOSES Troops to Ebola to TEST Vaccines

from Press TV:

The public continues to be reassured that Ebola is not a problem for the US, but CNN reports that President Obama has appointed an Ebola Czar. The Czar is not a medical person but an insider lawyer who served as chief of staff to Vice President Biden.

Little wonder Ebola conspiracy theories are spreading faster than Ebola. And as far as any of us knows, the conspiracies could be true.

University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle, an expert of the perfidies of the US government, reminds us that Sierra Leone and Liberia, the countries most affected by the Ebola outbreak, are two West African countries that host US biological warfare laboratories. Professor Boyle asks how the disease, which is mainly associated with equatorial Congo, reached West Africa thousands of kilometers away.

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