Radioactivity from Fukushima reactors turns up off B.C. coast


“Never heard of so much sickness & death in such a short period” says Fukushima evacuee — Writes about strange diseases in young people, deadly tumors and hemorrhages, pets missing hair, child losing all their fingernails, polydactyl baby — Doctor: My friends are dying of cancer, one after another

Excerpts from message by a Fukushima evacuee, translated by World Network for Saving Children from Radiation, Oct. 15, 2014: Mrs. Junko Honda… was a successful beauty salon owner who ran two salons… She recently [compiled the] unusual symptoms that she had heard about over the past three years… whose veracity she has been able to ascertain.

“I had never heard of so much sickness and death in such a short period of time” -Honda

Babies, Children, Young Adults
Sep ’11: Child… had nosebleeds very often… many others at school who had nose bleeding
Jun ’12: Child had headaches and nausea since the accident
Apr ’13: Friend of an evacuee gave birth to a polydactyl child [birth defect, extra fingers/toes]
Jul ’13: Younger friend of an evacuee… got ill with cancer
Mar ’14: Relative [in] middle school… got ill with rheumatism [and] medicine doesn’t work

Lymph, Thymus, Thyroid Gland Problems
Apr ’11: I felt strange feeling in my lymph nodes… salon staff also felt the same
Sep ’11: My friend’s father died with a tumor in the lymph glands
Sep ’11: Gynecologist mentioned there was an increase of lymph tumors
Jan ’13: Child of an evacuee [had] unsubsidized thyroid exam… thymus gland was swollen
Jan ’13: Several children… from Fukushima [also diagnosed with swollen] thymus gland
Sep ’13: Child of an evacuee had an unsubsidized thyroid examination… they found many cysts
Oct ’13: Friend, an evacuee age 35, developed thyroid cancer
Mar ’14: Friend of an evacuee, in her 30s, had thyroid surgery

Unusual Skin, Hair, Nail Problems
Apr ’11: Hair of our pets [dog & cat] become uneven because of hair loss to an unusual degree
Apr ’11: Reddish eczema on my daughter’s face [which] stayed until we evacuated
Sep ’11: Hairdresser friend and her sister have suffered dermatologic eczema since the accident
Jun ’12: [Child’s mother] experienced hair loss and… had sparser hair
Jun ’12: All the fingernails of a child evacuee from Sugakawa fell off after the accident

Adults Under Retirement Age
Sep ’11: Customer in her 40s got ill with a disease that cannot renew blood
Sep ’11: Woman in her 30s died from cardiac arrest
Aug ’12: My relative died suddenly of subarachnoid hemorrhage… in his 30s
Dec ’12: Resident in his 30s developed a tumor
Dec ’12: Resident in her 40s developed a tumor and died
Jan ’13: Doctor [said] his friends have been dying with cancer one after another
Mar ’13: Man in his 30s died suddenly
Mar ’13: 5 customers… had funerals of close family in very short period… 3 were in their 50s
Oct ’13: Male friend who was doing decontamination work died suddenly

See Video: ‘Hell of Fukushima in the immediate vicinity of the children’ (only in Japanese)

The Mean GREEN Ebola Machine


NBC Cameraman Thinks He Got Ebola by ‘Decontaminating Car’, NOT Contact! Airborne?

Ebola: What You Need to do Today / BY CHRIS CAMPBELL / OCT 3, 2014

We’re under attack.

We are experiencing the worst Ebola outbreak in world history.

If we miss any breaking news in today’s episode, we apologize. This story is fast-moving and we’re taking it in as we go.

But one thing won’t change: We’ve provided a list of items for you to consider purchasing before a potential outbreak occurs in the United States.

If you wait until an outbreak happens, it could be too late.

More on that in a moment.

** According to one microbiologist from Springfield, Missouri, the CDC is lying about the dangers of the infection.

Dr. Gil Mobley wore a protective suit yesterday at Atlanta International to protest how the CDC is handling Ebola.

“With 10,000 people flying out of West Africa daily, it’s only a matter of time until all corners of the world are exposed,” he told reporters. “Once it devours third world countries, the U.S. will be importing these cases daily. Eventually, the clusters will overwhelm even the most advanced countries’ ability to isolate and quarantine all those exposed.”

“The CDC is asleep at the wheel,” Mobley said. “It’s going to be bad, and I want to make sure that this conversation is happening that this could get out of control in the United States.”

** Unlike Mobley, we don’t think you should freak out (yet)…

Instead you should get to know the dangers, cut through the clutter (and fearmongering), and make smart choices if you’re in an area where the infection may be spreading (listen up, Texas!).


Fukushima Fallout: Sick U.S. Sailors Sue TEPCO After Exposure to Radiation


Wife of Navy Sailor: Our 1-year-old has brain cancer and spinal cancer resulting from Fukushima exposure — Wheelchair-bound Navy Sailor: It’s now affecting my arms and my hands, everything is still progressing (AUDIO)

Democracy Now, Mar. 19, 2014:

At 39:00 in

  • Navy Lt. Steve Simmons, USS Ronald Reagan: Now the muscle weakness affects my legs, my arms, my hands — and now everything is still progressing. […]
  • Host: You’re sitting in a wheelchair right now?
  • Simmons: I am.

At 44:30 in

  • Charles Bonner, attorney:  This is a declaration from the wife of the sailor, who writes in here declaration to the court, “My husband was exposed to radiation particles while assigned to the 7th fleet on the USS Ronald Reagan assisting in Operation Tomadachi beginning in March of 2011. As a result of this exposure, our son who was born November 14th 2012, at 8 months was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer.”

Full broadcast available here

Fukushima Evacuee: Skin turned black and hair around neck came off, then my dog died — Cancer Specialist: There are simply too many cases, I see a connection

Deutsche Welle (Germany’s international public broadcaster), Mar. 11, 2014: The residents of the evacuated Japanese town of Namie near the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima were contaminated with radiation. […] When Minako Fujiwara tells the story of her dog which died last June, she still gets sad. “Hair around the dog’s neck came off and its skin turned black,” the 56-year-old told DW. Similar symptoms were also detected in animals in Chernobyl […] Shunji Sekine, a physician in Namie, believes the radiation will eventually have a negative impact on public health [and] has been examining the thyroid glands of Namie citizens […] High number of cancer cases […] the government of the Prefecture of Fukushima refuses to publish any relevant details about the prevalence of cancer. Information requests made by Sekine pertaining to previous cancer cases among children and the degree of contamination remain unanswered […] Two cases of thyroid cancer have been confirmed among the 3200 young residents of Namie. Shinji Tokonami, a radiation expert at Hirosaki University, was surprised by the findings. “That is more than expected”, he said, adding that the reason behind this might be the increased precision of the measuring instruments.

Shunji Sekine, physician specializing in thyroid and breast cancer, Mar. 11, 2014: “Although comprehensive studies are missing, I see a connection between nuclear accidents and the occurrence of cancer” […] there are simply too many cases.

See also: Japan experts voice alarm over “surge in cancers among young in Fukushima” — Gov’t told to “implement measures now” and be prepared for surge to increase further

And: Japan Correspondent: I’ve come across terrible information — Health situation appears “much more risky” than what we’re shown on TV — Doctors and officials hiding truth (VIDEO)

WOW! One Of Our Politicians Predicted This Entire Nightmare – Must View


I ask that all visiting patriots and fellow bloggers repost this video. It is more relevant than ever. We were warned !!!

Did The USA Have No Choice But To Sign World Peace Treaty With Iran, After Release Of Keshe Technology ??

Signing of the world peace treaty and World peace conference

The Keshe Foundation made a promise that it would release a request and information on its forum today about the next step in the release of its technologies for bringing peace and equality for Mankind.
The following four PDF documents below in this link are important and need to be understood individually and then collectively as one unified paper.
We have not suggested a place and/or venue in our invitation letter for the peace conference, as we thought that mankind’s choice would be the most appropriate.
This peace conference can be held in Tehran, UN offices in New York, Beijing, Moscow or any another place on earth in a location that is acceptable to all.
The point is not the venue, but to achieve world peace for Mankind.
The date of 21.1.2013 for release of these documents is chosen for its importance and now mankind has 60 days until 21 March 2013 ( see the PDF letters) to set the scene to achieve what his forefathers could not do for thousands of years, by signing himself into accepting peace in its true sense individually and collectively.
As a race man now has the technology in hand to enforce world peace and man collectively has the determination to achieve it.
To be able to achieve world peace and see the process through, the Keshe Foundation is moving its headquarters to a new location and out of its present prison of Belgium, which has been enforced on it by international political pressure for the past nine years.
The Foundation will soon announce where it will make its new home so that we can see this treaty through safely.
In this way all political restrictions and press restriction on the Keshe Foundation will be removed and we will collaborate with all citizens of the world to make sure that the world peace treaty day can be realised.
Please collaborate with the Foundation and let today be the day when man starts a new chapter for humanity. Our goal is for every man on this planet to accept and sign themselves into the world peace treaty with their deeds, their hearts, their soul and in their words.
The Foundation calls upon world citizens to do what they have done in the last twelve months and as individuals to become a MESSENGER OF PEACE for your home, city, nation and mankind, and take the messages in these four letters to all world leaders, world ambassadors, mayors, religious leaders, your neighbour, brothers and sisters.
This can be achieved by putting these four letters out everywhere, be it on the net, media, social media, home, work place, palaces and parliaments, and by encouraging your governments, leaders of communities and individuals to sign the treaty and to organise and attend peace conferences organised by you and your nation.
Please do with this message as you did with encouraging your governments to accept the spaceship technology USB key.
I thank you for your support and hope we can achieve together in the near future what has eluded mankind from the beginning of time.
It is time to start a new chapter in the life of man on earth, where peace and serving humanity becomes the centre and focal point of every man and not the false materialistic life of today which has brought about so much misery for man from his inception on this planet.
I cannot imagine that any true man of peace or world leader will refuse to sign and to act upon what he has committed his nation, his faith and himself to by signing this treaty.
PDF An Insight into the Future of Man on Earth
PDF The Status of Scientists
PDF Signing of the World Peace Treaty and World Peace Conference
M T Keshe
The Founder of the Keshe Foundation


Make or Break Time for Bitcoin


by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Bitcoin is facing the biggest crisis of its short existence this week as Mt. Gox—the Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange that was once the largest in the world and often held up as the baseline for establishing Bitcoin’s exchange price—has gone belly up. In fact, it isn’t just that Mt. Gox has gone belly up, it’s the manner in which it did so that is particularly dramatic (and worrying for supporters of the online crypto currency).

Ukraine Set to Ignite in Civil War


Russia Warns The US And NATO Of War


What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

Dead Birds In Alaska / By Michael Snyder, on December 10th, 2013

Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska?  It is being reported that many of the carcases of the dead birds are “broken open and bleeding”.  The photo of some of these dead birds at the top of this article was originally posted by Alaska native David Akeya on Facebook.  You can find more photos of these dead birds right here.  And of course it isn’t just birds that are dying.  As you will see below, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well.  In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”.  So precisely what is causing all of this?  Could Fukushima be responsible?  Authorities are claiming that all of this is being caused by “disease” or “harsh weather”, but are they actually telling us the truth?  Evaluate the evidence that I have shared below and decide for yourself…

#1 Something is causing large numbers of dead birds to wash up on shores all over Alaska.  The following is a report from Alaska Public Media about just one of these incidents…

Hundreds of dead birds washed up on the shores of St. Lawrence Island towards the end of November. And though the cause of the die off isn’t yet known, the quick response demonstrates a mounting capacity for dealing with unexpected environmental events in the region.

Scientists do not know why this is happening.  Some of them are blaming “harsh weather”.

#2 Something is causing large numbers of seals and walruses to lose hair and develop “oozing sores”…

For example, while skin ulcers and other conditions — hair loss, lethargy, oozing sores, bloody mucous, congested lungs — are affecting seals and walruses, it’s not known if the two species are suffering from the same sickness. And although much studying has been done to determine whether it’s the result of a virus or radiation, and no tests have linked these origins to the illness, it’s not yet known what the root cause is. Toxins and environmental factors, like harmful algae blooms and thermal burns, are under consideration. As is whether allergy, hormone or nutritional problems might play a role.

Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.


Rice From Fukushima Was Served To Japanese Government Officials, And Then Something Odd Happened / by Tyler Durden on 12/11/2013 11:39 -0500

Two days ago, supposedly in an attempt to demonstrate how “contained” the radiation fallout from Fukushima was, an event was held in Tokyo to demonstrate the safety of the rice grown in the vicinity of the evacuated area around the exploded nuclear power plant according to the source, NHK. And since officials from Fukushima Prefecture said “no radioactive materials were detected in any of the harvested rice” a whopping 540 kilograms of the non-radioactive rice would be served in a government office complex in Tokyo for 9 days from Monday. We further learned that Senior Vice Environment Minister Shinji Inoue and Parliamentary Vice Environment Minister Tomoko Ukishima tasted rice balls made of the crop on the first day. Inoue said the rice tasted good especially when he thought about the great effort that went into cultivating the crop. A farmer from Kawamata Town said he will continue to cultivate rice now that he knows that it’s possible to grow a tasty product if the paddy fields are properly decontaminated. He said he travelled from his temporary home to the paddy to tend the rice as it grew.


Red Alert: Fukushima Radiation So High It Will Kill An Exposed Person In 20 Minutes

images / by Chris Carrington / December 9th, 2013

TEPCO is reporting that outdoor radiation levels have reached the highest levels so far recorded at Fukushima.

Radiation levels in an area where steel pipes connect the reactor buildings to a ventilation duct are so high, an exposed person would receive a radiation dose high enough to kill them in just 20 minutes. (source)

Quick off the mark in an attempt to allay fears of West Coast contamination, the chairperson of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Allison MacFarlane told Bloomberg:


Is it safe? Radioactive Japanese wave nears US

by Maxim Lott, Fox News:

In the wake of the deadly tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 and severely damaged a nuclear reactor, Japanese officials say the levels of radiation are safe for everyone outside the reactor area itself. But as radioactive water from the plant nears the West Coast of North America — the water is expected to hit in 2014 — can we be sure it’s safe?

The nuclear reactor continues to leak radioactive water due to poor management, while Japanese subcontractors at the plant have admitted they intentionally under-reported radiation and that dozens of farms around Fukushima that were initially deemed safe by the government actually had unsafe levels of radioactive cesium.

Fukushima locals also claim they’re seeing cancer at higher rates and the Japanese government is covering up the scale of the problem.

Read More @

Professor: Fukushima is absolutely horrifying — Radiation will be entering Pacific for decades, there’s no end in sight — Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented (VIDEO)

Excerpts from an Interview with Professor Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima City University, Nov. 27, 2013: I see the catastrophe as absolutely horrifying and ongoing. There is no discernible end in sight to this tragedy, radiation will continue to seep into the Pacific Ocean for decades […] when they have problems they are always global in scale. […] These toxins will remain dangerous for hundreds of generations and will disperse throughout the planet. […] the sickness and contamination resulting from the disaster will last for hundreds [of generations]. […] they knew that there had been a full meltdown on the first day of the disaster, and three full meltdowns by the third day, they denied this for almost three months. […] fuel has melted and is now located somewhere unknown beneath the reactor building […] if some rice is contaminated above this legal level it is not removed from the food supply, but rather is mixed with uncontaminated rice until it is below this level. This is a process for moving contaminated food into the food supply […] But by far the most disastrous thing is to allow so many children to remain in contaminated areas. All children should be removed from contaminated areas immediately […]

Prof. Jacobs, Oct. 18, 2013 (at 3:30 in): Nobody really knows how to solve the problems at Fukushima. There is nobody who has solutions to these. The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented, so even bringing in outside expertise, all that they can do is try to problem-solve. There’s no solution that other countries have that they can come in and fix the reactors, or rather shut down the contamination, shut down the leaks. So even other countries coming in and bringing their expertise will hopefully bring more professionalism than Tepco has shown in the last two and a half years, but even those experts will be at a loss it how to solve the immense problems that we’ll be facing for decades in Fukushima.

Watch the broadcast here

Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4 — I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 (VIDEOS)


Arirang’s ‘In Depth’, Nov. 23, 2013: […] there is mounting concern about radiation leakage caused by the Fukushima nuclear plant destruction. There is reemerged concern as Japan dismantles its nuclear plant.

Professor Suh Kune-yull, Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University: Q: What’s the situation like in Fukushima? A: Your guess is as good as mine, in fact, nobody‘s really sure about it. […] Q: Everyone around Japan, everyone in the world, we have to be on our toes for the next however many years [fuel removal at Unit 4] will take? A: It’s not many years, it’s many decades — that’s what I’m saying. They’re talking about a year and a half, 18 months. That’s a very implausible case, that there’s no accident […] no slippage? […] That’s where everybody, where every knowledgeable scientist and engineer gets really scared about this.

Watch the broadcast here

Theo Theofanous, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, March 16, 2011 (at 55:00 in): In the fourth reactor we had an explosion in the top of the fuel pool. […] So that’s the fourth reactor which up to this point had shown no indication of difficulty. Now we have fire at the top of the pool and now we have an explosion, which destroys the roof […] To me that’s a very big concern […] The situation is the following: Reactors 1 and 3 have lost those pools and the fuel is basically destroyed in there. Reactor 4, the same situation […] The question now is going to be – this morning I was trying to puzzle how do we cool those pools up here? I have been advising through some channels that consult with me for the government, I’ve been advising them to be ready if necessary, to controllably collapse this whole pool into the floor. Because as long as its sitting up there, there’s no way to cover it [with water] […] Basically, controllably with explosive, the floors cut through, and then cut this pool down. […]

Watch the presentation here

Scientist back from Japan: Melt-through of Fukushima containment vessels being discussed — They can’t locate any of the 3 molten reactor cores — “It’s bad, it’s definitely not over”

Cape Cod Times, Nov. 24, 2013: [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Senior Scientist Ken] Buesseler, along with a team from WHOI, made the first of his three visits to the Fukushima area in June 2011 […] the Japanese are not able to locate three molten reactor cores. There is ongoing discussion of whether the cores have undergone a meltdown or a melt-through of the containment vessels, Buesseler said. “You can’t send humans in there. It takes decades to come up with a plan,” he said. “It’s bad. It’s definitely not over yet.”

Asia Times, Nov. 18, 2013: At least some of the reactor cores are believed to have melted through the containment vessels, and possibly into the ground, contaminating groundwater with unprecedented levels of hot particles.

Kyodo, Nov. 20, 2013: The Nos. 5 and 6 reactors […] will not actually be dismantled and instead will be used as a research facility to develop technologies for achieving the unprecedented task of removing melted fuel from the Nos. 1 to 3 crippled reactors […]

NPR, Nov. 18, 2013: […] And then there are the three reactors that melted down, which will pose an even greater challenge. “They have fuel not just in the pools above the reactors, but in the cores themselves. That fuel is melted down and it’s going to take a very, very long time to even figure out how to get that fuel out,” [NPR’s Geoff Brumfiel] says.

More from Buesseler: NHK: There was a melt-through so Fukushima fuel is definitely down with the groundwater, and that’s flowing into Pacific — Americans need to watch, it gets international very quickly — May already be at West Coast — No ‘immediate’ risk (VIDEO)